1. Assorted George Letters

Writer Date Recipient
Charles Shaw Lefevre 7th September 1832 Josiah George
Lord Palmerston 1st April 1837 Josiah George
Lord Palmerston 1st October 1838 Josiah George
William Edward Nightingale Josiah George
Sir George Staunton 10th January 1839 Josiah George
Samuel Smith 19th December 1839 Josiah George
Thomas Moore, poet 16th December 1845 Josiah George
Michael Faraday 24th October 1850 William Bentley George
James Ashbury 10th July 1871 Edward Temperley Gourley, shipowner & MP
Thomas Hardy 4th August 1890 George Aldridge George
Thomas Henry Huxley, FRS 27th July 1894 George Aldridge George

2. Some Miscellaneous George Documents

Writer Date Recipient
Dr. James Graham, the "Earth Doctor" 5th October 1793 Mrs Wright
Abraham Booth, dissenting minister 25th June 1797 The Church of Christ at Portsea

3. Letters to John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer Date Writer's address
Miss Arnold, on behalf of the Dowager Queen Adelaide 31st November 1848 The Priory
Ashburnham, Lady 9th May 1849 30, Upper Grosvenor Square
Bateman, Baron Tuesday; Sunday 52 South St., Grosvenor Square; 25 Portman Square
Bedford, Duke of Various Oakeley; Woburn Abbey
Berriedale, Lady 1st July 1848, Saturday 12, Hill Street
Berriedale, Lord Monday 17, Hill Street
Blomfield, Mrs 18th February; 8th May 1847 St. James's Square
Boyle, Lady Louisa 22nd November 1847 69, Cambridge Terrace
Brackenbury, Sir Edward 13th August 1848 Skendleby House, Spilsby
Braybrooke, Lady various Audley End; 10 New Burlington St.
Buccleuch, Duchess of 28th July 1848 -
Butler, Theobald Fitzwalter 28th June 1847 Newport, Barnstaple
C&L - -
Camden, Lady Monday Wildernesse Park, Kent
Campbell, Lord 8th June 1848, Thursday Stratheden House
Carnarvon, Lady 4th April 1848 Thornbury Castle
Carnarvon, Lady 26th December 1848 43, Grosvenor Square
Carnarvon, Lord 18th January 1848 The Lake
de Cetto, Baroness 18th January 1848 3, Hill Street
Chambers, William Frederick August 1847 46, Brook Street
Cholmondely, Marchioness of 1st March 12, Carlton House Terrace
Christopher, Lady Mary - -
Clanwilliam, Earl of - -
Clark, J.A. Tuesday night Brook Street
Clinton, Dowager Lady 10th January 1848 Stoke, Chichester
Codrington, Sir Edward - -
Colchester, Lady 16th May 76, South Audley Street
Copland, James 11th April 1849 5, Old Burlington Street
Cowley, Lady 19th July 1848, Saturday 107, Park Street, Grosvenor Square
Crofton, Lord 16th July 1848 East Cowes
Dickens, Charles 3rd February 1848 Devonshire Terrace
Downshire, Dowager Marchioness of 5th March 50, Grosvenor Street
Dukinfield, Sir Henry 9th April -
Duncan, Lady 29th June 15, Hill Street
Dungarvan, Lady - 3, Hamilton Place
Dunmore, Lady 13th June 1849 1, Grafton Street
Ellenborough, Earl of 28th March 42, Eaton Place
Elphinstone, Lord 21st July 1848 14, St. George's Place
Fane, Lady Georgina Wednesday 5, Upper Brook Street
Finch, Lady Frances Monday 33, Chesham Place
Fitzgerald, Lady Tuesday 40, Portman Square
Flahault, Countess de 9th April 1849 6, Tilney Street, Park Lane
Forbes, Viscountess 31st January 1849 32, Grosvenor Place
Forester, Lord 11th Feb 1849; 10th July 1849 21, Charles Street; Belvoir Castle
Fox, C.R. 5th May 1848 Hill Street
Gainsborough, Earl of Thursday [ ] Square
Galloway, Lady - -
Gardoni, Italo 26th August 1850 183, Regent Street
Glentworth, Lady - 10, Cambridge Square
Grant, Sir Francis 2nd July Melton Lodge, Melton
Greville, Lady Charlotte 28th August 46, Eaton Place
Home, Countess of 31st January The Hirsel, Coldstream
Howard, Lady Fanny 116th August 1847 East Sheen
Jocelyn, Lady Tuesday 15, Chesham Square
Jocelyn, Lady Tuesday 15, Chesham Square
Jocelyn, Lady Wednesday 4, Carlton Gardens
Kelly, Sir Fitzroy 13th December 1847 5, Seamore Place, Mayfair
Kemble, Charles 13th May 1844 19, South Audley Street
Knight, Mrs Elizabeth 12th January 1850 3, Cornwall Terrace
Knox, Lady Flora - 5, Bolton Square
Leeds, Duchess of Monday Clarendon Hotel
Lind, Jenny 15th May 1849 Clairville
Louth, Lady 6th March 1849 Coburg Hotel
Lyttleton, Lady 31st August 1848 Hagley, Stourbridge
Manchester, Duchess of 9th May 1849 Dean Lodge, Kimbolton
Martineau - -
Montagu, Robert - 48, Albemarle Street
Montrose, Duchess of 31st January 1848 Belgrave Square
Montrose, Duke of 20th October 1850 -
Morley, Earl of 20th March 1848 Kent House
Morton, Lady 7th February 1848 Wicken Park
Moscheles, Isaac 28th June 1847 27, Duke Street, Grosvenor Square
Musgrave, Mrs 12th June 1848 17, Hill Street
Napoleon, Louis Monday -
Newport, Lady - 30, Wilton Crescent
Norfolk, Duchess of - -
Orloff, Count Wednesday Clarendon Hotel
Pakenham, Lady Katherine Wednesday 24, Bruton Street
Parker, Lady Mary 24th June 1849 Tamworth House, Brighton
Peel, Robert 6th June Whitehall
Philips, Sir George 2nd March 1848, Thursday 12, Hill Street
Henry Phillips Friday morning -
Potter, Ann Freeman 11th October 1847 24 Russell Place
de Ros, Lord 20th February Long Ditton
Ross, Lady Mary - 60, Portland Place
Rowe, Sir Joshua Saturday Osborne's Hotel, Adam Street
St Albans, Duchess of Wednesday 00, Piccadilly
Saxe Weimar, Duchess of 14th June 1848 Marlborough House
Saxe Weimar, Duchess of 30th June 1848 Marlborough House
Saxe Weimar, Duchess of 25th November 1849 The Priory
Shannon, Lady 25th March Benfleet
Shannon, Lady 25th November -
Somerset, Duke of 1848, 1849 Park Lane
Sondes, Lord Friday 31st 3, St. James's Square
Sutherland, Duchess of 1848 Stafford House
Sutherland, Duchess of 12th April 1847, Monday Stafford House
Sydney, Lady 10th June Cleveland Square
Sydney, Lady 20th September Frognal House, Foots Cray
Tamburini, Antonio 29th July 1848 194, Regent Street
Templetown, Viscount 29th January 1846 Berkeley Square
Warwick, Lady - Brunswick Hotel, Jermyn Street
Waterpark, Lady 16th June 1849 Coburg Hotel, Charles Street, Grosvenor Square
Wellington, Duke of Various London
Willoughby de Eresby, Lady - 142, Piccadilly
Wrottesley, Lady 25th May 1848 Everall's Hotel, 1 Albermarle Street

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Memorial miniature of John Durancé George, 1851

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