The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writers: Lord Berriedale; Lady Berriedale

Date: Monday

Address: 17 Hill Street; 12 Hill Street

             17 Hill Street

My dear Sir,
         Could you kindly
tell me the best person
to consult as an Aurist,
as I do not know such
a person in London, and
am very anxious to see
one at present. Pray
excuse this & believe
me to be,
        Yours vy Truly

ps I bring you the book
on Animal Magnetism that
I spoke to you about some
time ago

Lady Berriedale
presents her compliments
to Mr. George and will
be much obliged to
him if he will be
so good as to see
her any time
between one &
1/2 past two, on
Monday, or Tuesday

       Saturday July 1st
         12 Hill Street
      Berkeley Square


Lord Berriedale was the courtesy title for the eldest son of the 13th Earl of Caithness. The writer, Lord Berriedale, was James Sinclair (1821-1881), who became the 14th Earl on the death of his father in 1855.

Berriedale, a Fellow of the Royal Society, was a scientist and inventor. His inventions included a steam carriage and the Caithness gravitating compass.

He married Louisa Georgiana, daughter of Sir George Richard Philips, 2nd Baronet, in 1847, and had a son and a daughter. Lady Berriedale died in 1870.

An ‘aurist’ is what we now call an audiologist, an expert on hearing - or deafness.

The book may have been an English translation of Practical Instruction in Animal Magnetism by J.P.F. Deleuze, describing the use of mesmerism in medicine with documented accounts of attempted and apparently successful cures.

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