The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writers: Mrs Blomfield

Date: 8th May 1847, 16th February 1848

Address: London House, St James's Square

Mrs Blomfield
presents her Compliments
to Mr. George, & requests
to know whether it will
be convenient to him
to receive her on Tuesday,
as she wishes to consult
him about her teeth,
several of which require
stopping.            London House,
                    St. James's Square,
                    8th May, 1847

Mrs Blomfield presents
her Compliments to Mr. George
& begs to know at what
hour tomorrow, (Thursday)
or before One on
Friday, it would be con-
venient to him to see
her & her Daughter

              London House
                St.James's Sqre
                16th Feby


Mrs Blomfield was Dorothy, wife of Charles James Blomfield, Bishop of London from 1828 to 1856.
London House was at 22 St James’s Square.

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