The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Lady Louisa Boyle

Date: 22nd November 1847

Address: 69 Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park

Lady Louisa Boyle presents
her compts to Mr George &
is very sorry for disappo[int]ing
him, but Ld Boyle
has not been able
to come up from
Eton today as he had
expected, but he has
got leave to do so
to-morrow; she
would therefore
feel very much
obliged if Mr. George
can name an hour
to morrow, at which
he could see Ld Boyle.
Lady L. Boyle begs
to add many apologies
for having thus
troubled Mr George,
& hopes it may not
be any inconvenience
to him, to change
the day.
  69 Cambridge Terrace
              Hyde Park
  Nov 22d 1847


Lady Louisa Boyle was the daughter of the 4th Earl of Shannon, and in the 1851 census was recorded as aged 43 and unmarried, living at 69 Cambridge Terrace with three of her sisters (Jane, Elizabeth and Charlotte). She died in 1852.

Her mother was Lady Shannon

Lord Boyle was Lady Louisa's brother, Henry Bentinck Boyle, later the 5th Earl of Shannon. (1833-1890)

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