The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Duke of Somerset

Date: 1848, 1849

Address: Park Lane

          Park Lane – Monday                     Jany 17 –
My dear Sir,
Dr Chambers wishes me
to see you before he sees
me tomorrow! Is this
possible – Dr C. is to come
here at one o’clock.
Any hour between 10
& 1. Can you call
for a few moments &
much oblige

             Yours very sincerely

                     E. Somerset

        Park Lane – Monday being                     23? April 49

My dear Sir,
I am quite afraid of venturing
out this morning – it is
so very Damp & Cold –
and I feel far from well –
perhaps, you will kindly
allow me to call some
Day this week! &
make then, another
appointment with you?

My head aches severely
this morning - & I dread venturing
out – I have not been out,
since I saw you.

I hope you are better? – &
not suffering from this
very trying changeable
weather – Excuse this
most hurried note from

Yours most sincerely & obliged


        P.L. – Tuesday Evening                     17th July 49

My dear Sir,
Pray accept of my thanks
for the remembrance
of my troublesome requests -
I think we shall
move to Wimbledon Park
the week after next -
so any Day you like to
appoint to see me,
after Tuesday next -
I shall be ready.
Can you receive
me on Wednesday? and
at what hour?
the earlier the better.
With all kind wishes
& hoping your health
continues to improve -
Believe me always,
My dear Sir,
Yours most sincerely


Somerset was correct - Monday was the 23rd April!

Dr Chambers was probably William Frederick Chambers , a professional colleague of Durancé George.

Edward Adolphus Seymour (1775-1855) was the 11th Duke of Somerset. In 1800 he married Lady Charlotte Douglas-Hamilton, daughter of the 9th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.
Portrait of 11th Duke of Somerset
Portrait of 11th Duke of Somerset

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