The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Dowager Marchioness of Downshire

Date: 5th March

Address: 50 Grosvenor Street

                                    50 Grosr St.
                                    5th March
The Dowr Marchioness of Downshire
presents her Compts to Mr. George
& begs to say that since she
called in Burlington St., there
has been less pain, &, her gums
are less inflamed; she fears
2 front teeth are affected, but
it is only within 3 weeks that
any pain has been felt & and as probably
one will have to be removed &
replaced, Lady Downshire prefers
waiting for Mr George’s return unless
she should find it necessary
to apply to Mr Parkinson.
Lady Downshire will be
in Burlington St. punctually
at the time named by Mr. George.



Lady Maria Windsor was born in 1790. She was the daughter of Other Hickman Windsor, 5th Earl of Plymouth and Hon. Sarah Archer. She married Sir Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull Hill, 3rd Marquis of Downshire on 25 October 1811. He died on 12th April 1845, aged 56. She died on 7th April 1855.

Oh, 'Other' really was her father's first name!

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