The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Countess Orloff

Date: Wednesday Morning

Address: Clarendon Hotel

My dear Mr Cartwright,
I am in London since last
night, and only for a few days.
Will you do me the pleasure
of receiving me as soon as
possible? If not inconveniencing
for you, I prefer calling upon
you early in the morning. Name
the day and be assured of my gratitude.
                   Yrs entirely,
                            Cs Orloff
Wednesday morning
Clarendon hotel


Countess Orloff was married to...

Count Alexis Orloff was born in 1787, illegitimate, and at an early age entered the army. He served in the war with France, and became Adjutant to the late Grand Duke Constantine. He rallied the troops loyal to the Emperor Nicholas 1, and from that day enjoyed the special favour of the Emperor, who raised him to the dignity of a Count, and made him Adjutant-General. In 1828 he took part in the expedition against Turkey. He concluded the peace of Adrianople, so disastrous to Turkey. Orloff was sent to London to take part in the conferences regarding Belgium and the Netherlands. He was the constant companion of the Czar in his visits to the European Courts. Under Czar Alexander he became Chief of the Secret Police of the Russian Empire, with the title of Commander-in-Chief of the Gendarmerie.

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