The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Lady Flora Knox

Date: Monday evening

Address: 5 Bolton Terrace

Lady Flora Knox presents
her Compts to Mr George &
would be much obliged to
him if he would come
& see her either tomorrow
or Wednesday, as she is
soon leaving Town, & is at
present quite unable
to go to him. She would
be much obliged for an
answer & let her know at
what hour he will call.
Monday evening
5 Bolton Terrace


Lady Flora Sophia Anne Knox (1827-1905) was the daughter of Thomas, Earl of Ranfurly, and his Countess, née Mary Juliana Stuart. The Earldom had been created in 1831. Lady Flora never married, and died in 1905 in Marylebone, aged 77.

The earldom of Ranfurly is the last earldom created in the Peerage of Ireland that is still extant.

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