The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Duchess of Saxe Weimar

Date: June 1848; November 1849

Address: Marlborough House; The Priory

As the Queen Dowager
also wishes to see Mr. George,
the Duchess of Saxe Weimar
begs him to attend her
daughters at 11 o’clock
today at Marlborough
Wednesday June 14th

The Duchess of Saxe & Weimar
begs Mr. George to come be-
fore 11 o’clock to Marlboro’
House, if possible, as the Duchess
is obliged to go out at
that time, and wishes very
much to see Mr. George.
The set of teeth presses on one
side and she wishes that
a little of the Gold crown
be taken of. She begs Mr.
George to bring his instruments
for this purpose.
Friday June 30th.

The Duchess of Saxe & Weimar
begs Mr. George to come to-
morrow morning to Marlboro’
House, at 10 o'clock

   Marlboro' House
     July 20th

Princess Anna of Saxe
Weimar will come to Mr.
George on Monday next
at 12 o’clock.

     The Priory Novbre 9th                1849

The Duchess and the Princesses
of Saxe & Weimar beg to enclose
to Mr. George the 5 Guineas
they are indebted to him.

          The Priory Novbre 23th


The Duchess of Saxe Weimar was Ida, Princess of Saxe-Coburg-Meiningen (1794-1852) who had married Charles Bernhard of Saxe Weimar on 30th May 1816. Among their seven children were the Princesses Anne (1828-1864) and Amelia (1830-1872). Ida was the sister of Queen Adelaide, consort of William IV, who was known as the Queen Dowager after the death of William IV and the accession of Queen Victoria 20th June 1837.

The Priory was Bentley Priory – later HQ of the RAF – which Dowager Queen Adelaide had rented in 1846, and into which she had moved in 1848. She died at Bentley on 2nd December 1849 at the age of 57.

Five guineas was worth roughly £500 at 2016 prices.

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