The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Lady Braybrooke

Date: -

Address: various

Lady Braybrooke
presents her compli-
ments to Mr. George
& will be obliged
to him if he can
fix any time
between ½ past 10
and 12 any day next
week / w. after Tuesday
for seeing her

10 New Burlington St
June 16th

N.B. St. June 29th
Lady Braybrooke will
be much obliged to
Mr. George if he
will name a time
for seeing her any
day next week in
haste. 11 o'clock

Lady Braybrooke regrets
that she cannot come
to Mr. George at ¼
to 5 Monday; or at
½ past 10 Tuesday
as she leaves London
exactly at 11. If Mr.
George could see Lady
B. at ½ past 9
on Tuesday Morning
she will come to
him. Lady B. will
send for an answer to
this note on Monday

Audley End
March 4th


What a nightmare patient.

Lady Braybrooke (1798-1856) was Jane, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Charles, 2nd Marquis Cornwallis. She married Richard, eldest son of Richard Aldworth Griffin-Neville, 2nd Baron Braybrooke, in 1819. Richard succeeded his father as 3rd Baron Braybrooke in 1825.

Braybrooke (1783-1858) sat in the House of Commons as M.P. successively for Thirsk 1805-6, Saltash 1807, Buckingham 1807-12 and Berkshire 1812-25. In 1825, he removed the chief family seat from Billingbear Park, near Wokingham in Berkshire, to Audley End in Essex which had been left to his father in 1798 by his distant relative, Lord Howard de Walden.

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