Assorted George Letters

Writer: James Ashbury

Date: 10th July 1871

Recipient: Edward Temperley Gourley, shipowner & MP

                                July 10. 71

My dear Gourley
       Tomorrow we go to
Inverness, returning to go to
Douglas Isle of Man.

10.000 £. you surprise me. I
thought he wanted 20 or 30 000
the more the better for you, in
case of business reverses.

If settlements are arranged,
let us all go down to the
Gloucester Festival, if
so rooms should be taken.
If necessary I might send
down a carriage.
I now send you a large
claret jug.
When does the Prince lunch
with you.

             Faithfully yrs
                James Ashbury


I have no idea how this letter came into the possession of the George family. Gourley died in 1902 in Bournemouth, and perhaps he knew George Aldridge George in that town. Perhaps they had 'swapped' autographs.

Sir Edward Temperley Gourley, (1826–1902) was a coal fitter, shipowner and politician. He was an MP for Sunderland from 1868 to 1900.

James Lloyd Ashbury, (1834-1895) was a yachtsman and Conservative politician. He made the first two challenges for the America's Cup; first, in 1870, with his yacht Cambria; and, secondly, in October 1871 with the Livonia, which had been launched in April 1871.

Schooner Livonia
The Schooner Livonia by William Foster, 1871

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