The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: James Copland

Date: 11th April 1849

Address: 5, Old Burlington Street

         5 Old Burlington Street
                  11th April ‘49

My dear George,

                    Many, very
many thanks for your very
tasteful and splendid present
which I found on my
table last night when I
came home.

I am sorry to hear that
you have been ailing, and
I hope that you are now
well – If you should
at any time require my
aid, either alone or in
consultation with our
friend Dr. Williams, be-
lieve me that I shall
always be most ready to
afford it, either for your-
self or for any of your
family, with those feelings
which a now somewhat
old friendship should inspire.

     I remain, My Dear
George, with sincere regards,

         Very truly yours

         James Copland

James Copland portrait by Henry Room
James Copland c. 1835, by Henry Room


James Copland (1791–1870), physician. Copland practiced in London after travelling to the Gold Coast, France and Germany. He contributed to many professional journals. His published works include ‘Dictionary of Practical Medicine’ (1832).

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