The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Henry Phillips

Date: Friday Morning

Address: -

My good friend,
                  I would have
replied last Evg but did
not get home till 11 o’c.
I find it impossible
to be with you to day: having
a rehearsal at 7 o’c: I
can assure you I much
regret it, and shall look
forward to that pleasure
after Xmas. Believe me
Most sincerely yours,
                  Henry Phillips
                          Friday Morg


Henry Phillips (1801–1876)‚ singer. Phillips's career illustrates that of the major nineteenth-century English professional singer. He depended on seasonal tours incorporating operatic‚ oratorio‚ and concert work‚ and was especially reliant on ballads for maintaining his position and income. He was the author of Musical and Personal Recollections during Half a Century (2 vols.‚ 1864)‚ Hints on Declamation (1848) and The True Enjoyment of Angling (1843).

In the reproduction of a hand-coloured lithograph, above right, Phillips is shown as Count der Tiemar in 'Amilie', by Richard James Lane, printed by Jérémie Graf, published by John Mitchell, published 1 January 1839.
Reproduced by kind permission of the National Portrait Gallery.

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