The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Duke of Wellington

Date: 29th September 1841; et al.

Address: London

    London Sept 29th 1841
The Duke of Wellington requests
that if not inconvenient to
him Mr. George will be so kind
as to call when he's in Picca-
dilly this afternoon at ½ past

        London August 9th 1845
Dear Sir, If I'm free Must will be
in town, I am afraid that
it will be necessary that I must
see you again for a moment.
     I will call this afternoon
after the Prorogation of Parl-
[iament]. But I am afraid that I shall
scarcely be able to leave the
House till after half past three
o'clock. Ever yours most faithfully

             London July 15
Dear Sir
I send you the inclosed;
and will wait upon you
shortly after ten o'clock
Ever Yours most faithfully,

S. Cartwright Esq

       London June 26 1848
Dear Sir, I shall be very much
obliged if you will have the
necessary repair given to the sett
included in the accompanying
packet. Yours most faithfully,                                Wellington
I dare to ask to have it back as soon
as may be convenient, as it is
the most convenient of the two!

S. Cartwright
             Old Burlington Street


The Duke of Wellington.... 1769-1852. I hope that someone else wrote down his orders - his handwriting is abysmal!

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