The appointment letters of John Durancé George, Dental Surgeon

Writer: Isaac Moscheles

Date: June 28th 1847

Address: 27 Duke Street, Grosvenor Square

27 Duke St.
Grosvenor Sqr.
June 28. 1847

Durancey George Esqe

My dear Sir,

I am in town for a short time on
a visit to my daughter & with a hope
of seeing my friends, & with this view
I attempted to find you, but without
success. My stay is now limited
to about a fortnight, & if not
trespassing too much on your
kindness, I would ask the favor of
an appointment which I shall
partly consider as a visit & partly
as a professional call, since I
cannot bear the idea of entrusting
myself to less able hands than yours,
and feel that not having seen
anyone since last year, I ought
to be looked at with a scrutinizing
eye. Should your numerous
engagements render my request
troublesome, I trust you will
say so, & with Mrs Moscheles’ best
compliments believe me

      My dear Sir
      Yours truly obliged

          I. Moscheles


Isaac (Ignaz) Moscheles (1794 -1870) was a Bohemian composer and piano virtuoso, whose career after his early years was based initially in London, and later at Leipzig, where he succeeded his friend and sometime pupil Felix Mendelssohn as head of the Conservatoire.

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