At Whampoa Reach

27th August 1830 to 2nd December 1830

NOTE: The spelling is that used by James Smith; some punctuation has been added where it helps the sense - SK
Oil painting by Youqua c. 1845 of Whampoa Anchorage
Whampoa Anchorage, painted c. 1845 by Youqua
Wampole Reach Friday August 27th 1830
Calm and pleasent Weather at 4h 30m up Anchor and drifted up the river by the Flood Tide but run foul of the Cumberine let go the Anchor to get clear hove up and Anchored abrest of the Fort William of Bombay and the Golcondor. Mored ship went to Breakfast at 8 at 9 Wash Decks unbent sails unrove the Running Geer the place were we now lay is certainly a beautiful place there is a river empt it self just were we are laying a little farther up on the starbord side is 2 large Towns one of them is Nambol the other Bambo and Around us is several Pinacles on the Larbord Side is a high mountain on the other at the foot is a Valey looking very fertile at 6 p.m. the Capt and Capt of the Jno Bannaman went to Canton togeather in the Jno Bannaman's boat at 8 I was going to strike 2 Bells when I fell from the Windlace and struck myself a violent Blow in the Head which stuned me but I soon recovered.

Saturday 28th
Calm and hot weather got the Long Boat out Killed several Rats in her which the China Women thought a great treat to get hold of them to Eat at 2 got the Sheep into the Hogs sties the Capt returned from Canton to Dinner with the Capt of the Jno B at 8 a fiew of us was Enjoying ourselves on the Forecastle when I was took a violent pain in my Head the Doctor not being on bord the Chief Mate did not know where he was but he sent to Evry Ship till he found him. at 9h 30m he came on Bord and Bled me from which I soon found relief he gave me some Laudunum to make me sleep but I did not get any rest till toward morning.

Sunday 29th
I felt Better though a great weakness and lightness in my Head all Hands Cleaned themselves there was a great many Boats pleasuring in the river Spoke to the Baker under the Bows that left us in Bombay.

Monday 30th
Calm and Hot Weather at 3 a barque Hauled down the river the Capt spoke her in the Evening saw several Sailing Boats sailing up and down the River. Today I felt better.

Tuesday 31st
Light Breezes and pleasent Weather to day I felt a great pain in my Back so that I was scarcely able to walk at 7 a.m. the Capt went to Canton with the Capt of the Jno B had a rowing match between our 2 boats at 6 the Steward went on shore had the Steward of the Triumph and Carpenter of the Fort William on Bord and some Mates of other ships they left at 11 O'clock had some Europians from the Gilford after our Doctor.

Wedensday Sept 1st
Calm and hot Weather the Charles Forbes hauled down the river to day I felt better Carp repair the Gratings.

Thursday Sept 2nd
Light Breezes and cloudy Steward took a Pig on bord the Triumph. I went on shore and Cut Grass. Carpenter repairing the Long Boat.

Friday Sept 3rd
Light Breezes and cloudy Got Teackles up for Getting out Cargo got some out of the after Cabin at 10 p.m. saw the procession of a Chineas wedding by Water which consisted of alluminated boats which had a pretty appearence at 11 Capt went to Canton with the Capt of the Jno Ban.

Saturday 4th
Light Airs and Clear Weather had 2 Cargo Boats along side began to del Cargo Carpenter and Steward went on bord the Fort William. At 9 the Gig returned from Canton with some spar for the Long Boat.

Sunday 5th
Capt returned from Canton and the Mate went to Canton. Cleared the after Cabin out I went on bord the Guilford with Melvile and returned at 8 O'clock.

Monday Sept 6
Light Airs and Cloudy at 2 an American Ship Arived blonging to Boston discharged 4 Chops at 4 p.m. I was working in the Hold when a bale of Cotton fell down the Hatchway & struck my Hand. Cleared the Cloves out of the Store Room.

Tuesday 7
Light Airs had 3 Chops along side began to fill one when their was a dispute about the Chops and the Bales was taken out again and we discharged none to day had the Capt of the ...............on bord to dinner Mr Hennecar went to Canton to know the reason of the dispute and returned again at 9 p.m.

Wedensday 8th
Light Airs and Clear Weather discharged no Cotton at 8 sent down royal & top Galent Yards at 9 down royal & top Galent Masts. Hands clearing the Gun room out and breaking out Cargo at Night strong Lightning and Cloudy inclining to rain stowed the Cotton snag to Geather on deck and spread torpaulings on it.

Thursday 9th
At midnight strong lightning and Thunder such as I never saw before accompanied with heavy rain at 4 the Capt went to Canton it still continuing to rain but the Lightning Abated a little discharged 3 Chops the Guilford began to discharge. The Goat Kidded.

Friday 10th
Strong Breezes and Cloudy with rain Carpenter making masts & Boom for the Long Boat Cleared the Cloves out of the Stewards store room the Caron from Bombay Arived, Arived in Bombay to take in her Cargo 13 July. Mr Young on bord to see the Carpenter.

Saturday Sept 11
Fresh Breezes with heavy rain discharged 5 Chops. A China Boy came on bord to get his face dreased which was cut in a dreadful manner. Broke out in the Main Hold had great difficulty in getting out some of the Bales between decks.

Sunday 12
Light Airs and Clear Weather all Hands to work till 12 O'clock Had some Gentlemen on bord to dine from Canton Had one man from the Guilford and 1 from the Triumph who spend the day with me at 3 had a heavy squall of rain.

Monday 13th
Light Airs and cloudy discharged 4 Chops had difficulty to get Bales to fill them the Cambarine began to discharge her Cargo an American Brig Arived.

Tuesday Sept 14th
Light Airs and cloudy had 5 Chops along side but discharged only 3 Capt went to Canton 3 Comp Ships Arived & an American Ship.

Wedensday 15
Light Airs and Cloudy a Dutch Ship and one American Ship moved farther up the river discharged 5 Chops had a survey on the Cotton the Water had been 3 feet above the Kilson.

Thursday 16
Light Airs and Cloudy discharged 5 Chops some of the cotton very wet.

Friday 17th
Light Airs and Cloudy with rain 2 Comp Ships Arived had 5 Gentlemen on bord to dine discharged 3 Chops A China Junk ran foul of the Coleorida and ingured her Long Boat.

Saturday 18th
Light Airs and Cloudy with light misty rain discharged 3 Chops & emptied the hold of the Cotton - discharged a great deal of the Cotton without weighing it on account of it being so much Damaged.

Sunday 19
Light Airs and Cloudy 5 Comp Ships Arived at 11 the Cook floged for being saucey Capt went on bord the Jno Bannaman to dine at 3 Carpenter & Steward went on bord the Fort William. Me and Gouthwait had the loan of the Jolly Boat for to go around the India Men at 3h 30m some Officers from the Fairley came on bord the Cook floged again at the Gangway at 7h 30m I came on bord and the Capt Servant was in Liquor when Mr Smith asked me to attend in the Cuddy and get him some Supper which I did at 9 the Steward came on bord when Mr Smith ordered the Steward to punish him in what way he liked he ordered the Tindal to flog him.

Monday 20th
Light Airs and Cloudy discharging Sandle wood and finished the Cargo gave 3 Hussars and Spliced the Main Brace Shifted our birth farther Forward Carpenter stopping a leak over the stern Bellemy caught a snake on the stern. Cleared the Forecastle out the David Scot Comp Ship moved farther up the river astern of the Fort Wm.

Tuesday 21st
Light Airs and cloudy with rain the Capt went to Canton 4 Comp Ships Arived the Steward went on the Abercrombie Steward went on bord the American Ship for Segars for the Capt.

Wedensday 22nd
Light Airs and Cloudy with rain Mr Turner went to Canton an American Ship Arrived Chief Mate had Comp on bord I went with the Carpenter on bord the Guilford.

Thursday 23
Light Airs and clear Weather Smoked Ship sent the Cloves on bord the Golconda but the Manderean would not let them be taken on bord. Hands emploid setting up the fore stays and bob stays Soloman got hurt from the landyard giving way.

Saturday Sept 25th 1830
Light Airs and Clear Weather took the Hatches of and found that the Smoke had took no affect on the Cockroaches and Smoked her again. The Officers went on bord the Golconda to dine Belemy sick of the Feaver and was blead the Doctor & Mr Smith had some words Mr Smith went on bord the Berwickshire.

Sunday 26th
Light Airs and Clear Weather of Hatches and Scrubed the lower deck Capt returned from Canton but did not stop on bord on account of the smell had the Carpenter and Boswain of the Guilford on bord & Mr Young of the Fort William at 11 p.m. came on a heavy squall with rain.

Monday Sept 27th
Light Airs and Cloudy with the Stewards stores in the Gunroom. China men began to paint ship Carp repairing the Copper.

Tuesday 28th
Light Airs and Cloudy Weather Bottled of all Spirrits the Triumph sailed sent up fore top Galent mast.

Wedensday 29th
Strong Breezes and cloudy the Capt taken ill. Stowed the spirrits away and cleared out the Lockers at night increasing breezes and cloudy with light rain.

Thursday 30th
Strong gales with heavy rain Ships having top Galent & royal mast up was obliged to strike them the Land much overflown with the lightness of the Tide & the Paddy Fields sustained much damages. The Gilford drifted from her mooring and was near foul of the Cumberine sent on bord of us for Hands to help them. at 1 p.m. the Mates Clothes was hanging to dry between decks when Some One rubed tar over them he Complained to the Capt he told him he did not wonder at it for he treated them so harsh. Hands emploid cleaning Blocks and clearing the Riging out of the Forecastle Capt worce to day We Cleared Cable at 6 p.m. I was standing on deck when Mr Smith asked me the reason I had not removed our birth I told him I had done it once he Caled me a Liar he pushed me and I was near going down the Hatchway. I told him not to throw me down the Hatchway but he said he would and took me by the Colar and again attempted to do it but fortunately for me I caught hold of the Gallis Stention and got safe hold and he could not take me from it. He then abused me in a shameful manner.

Friday Oct 1st
Rather more moderate with rain 2 Comp Ships Arived one went up the river. Steward taken sick. 2nd Mate of the Fort William on bord.

Saturday 2nd
Light Airs and Cloudy with rain the Capt of the Dutch Ship buried that was killed at Canton Mr Hennecar went to his Funeral. Capt better Abused Melville about the Biscuit and Rice.

Sunday Oct 3rd
Light Airs and cloudy with rain. Fetched the Sails from the Golconda. Mr Turner mast headed. The Capt stoped the Lascars Fish & Vegetables and all Liberty on acct of Smiths Clothes being tared. Hands emp cleaning the Forcastle.

Monday Oct 4th
Strong breeze and cloudy with rain. Capt went to Canton. Hands Emp cleaning Water Cask.

Tuesday Oct 5th
Light Airs and Clear Weather. Hands Emploid Variously about the rigging the Ganges Arived from Bombay. 2 Gentlemen to dine on bord & the Doctor from the Ganges.

Wedensday 6th
Light Airs and Cloudy at midnight I went on bord the Golconda to fetch the Chief Mate on bord but he would not come and afterwards Mr Smith went himself at Night the Doctors Mate of the Fairlea came on bord and stoped all Night.

Thursday Oct 7th
Light Airs and Cloudy. Mr Smith and the Doctors Mate went to Canton at 11 the Fattii Salam in droping down droped foul of our Bows & carried away our dolfin striker but luckily did no farther ingury but she carried away her Burnkin & Boat davits & Obliged to cut away her Boat she then droped her Anchor in the Evning the Chief Mate of her came on bord to know what ingury they had done us at 11 p.m. the Mate returned from Canton and Mr Hennecar and him had some words.

Friday 8
Light Airs and Cloudy Weather. A ship Arived Jewery Riged having sufred much from the late Gales. Height of the Thermometer 87 in the shade. Had a French Capt on bord to dine & the Capt of the Fort William in the Evening.

Saturday Oct 9
Light Airs and Clear Weather. The Chef of the Golconda on bord to dine. Steward better to day. Painted my Chest put some Golgan round the mizen mast in the cuddy.

Sunday 10
Light Airs and Clear Weather. The Mandareans measured the Ship and made us a present of 2 Bullocks 5 Bags of Flour and 8 Jars of Shamshaw at 1 p.m. the Chief Mate ordered 4 hands in the Gig and they being rather longer than they ought he beat one of them in a most shameful manner he then caled the Chief Tindal and beat him likewise he then caled out for help he then put him in Irons. He the Chief Mate went on bord of the Golconda to dinner. The Capt returned from Canton with some more Gentlemen. one of the Bullocks fell down the fore Hatchway.

Monday Oct 11th
Light Airs and Clear Weather at 7 Bells all Hands to witness Punishment but the Tindal was not Floged though the grating was riged but he as well as all hands had a thick reprimand the Capt went to Canton & Mr Hennecar went with the Chief of the Golconda. China men painting the Capt Cabin Sent up Royal and Skeysail mast Carp fitting the Long Boats mast. Mr Smith went on bord one of the Comp. Ship.

Tuesday 12th
Light Airs and clear Weather. Hands Emp turning riging.

Wedensday 13th
Light Airs & Clear Weather Mr Hennecar went to the Funeral of the Chief of the Dutch Ship. Killed one of the Bullocks. Mr Smith confined Mr Hennecar to his Cabin. The Steward & Mr Dresser went to Canton.

Thursday 14th
Light Breeze & Cold Weather. China Men Painting the Cuddy one of them stole a tray of Biscuits out of the Lockers. Cumberine Bent sails the HCS Marquis of Huntly Arived.

Friday Oct 15th
Light Breeze & Cold Weather at 7 a.m. sent up top Galent Yds Capt came down to Breakfast with some more Gentlemen riged the Long Boat Cleared the Booms of the Hogs sties at 11 the Capt went to Canton to Night the Steward returned at dusk a Brig hove in sight but did not come up.

Saturday 16
Light Airs & Clear Weather the Brig came up China men Painting the out side of the Ship Carp went to Wampole.

Sunday Oct 17th
Light Breeze & pleasent Weather the Golconda hoisted all her signals the Capt came to dine with 3 other Gentlemen at 6 O'clock at 9 they all went to Maco to gether in the Fort William's Long Boat.

Monday 18th
Light Airs & Clear Weather the Cumberine unmoored had the First Chop of Cargo containing 400 Cases of Sugar Chief Mate went to Canton Hands Emp getting wood out of the Hold.

Tuesday 19th
Light Airs and Clear Weather China Men Painting the Mast Melville went to Blacken the Counter of the Ship & went into the Appo Boat & got tipsey Mr Smith sent him below Mr Smith Cut the Copper Boat adrift the Lord Castlereigh hauled down.

Wedensday Oct 20th
Light Airs and Clear Weather. Thermometer 86 in the shade Steward sick Mr Hennecar went to Canton Mr Smith fitted the Long Boats mast & Sails the Sarah began to discharge. I put the Capt Carpet down The Lord William Bentick hauled down.

Thursday 21st
Light Airs & Clear Weather. Took in 1 Chop of Cargo containing 70 Cases of Rhubarb 100 Nankins & 59 Gamboge. Washed decks in the Evning Chief of the Fort William on bord & the Ship steward of the Abercrombie Robinson. The H.C.S. Marquis of Camden Arived.

Friday 22nd
Light Airs and Clear Weather the Bombay Castle hauled down China men Painting the upper Deck Steward worse, was Bled at 8 the Capt Arived from Maco I sat up with the Steward.

Saturday 23rd
Light Airs and Clear Weather the American Ship Alert hauled down the H.C.S. Marquis of Camden came up past us the Agness and Argile of Bengall Capt went to Canton Carp repairing the Water Cask.

Sunday 24th
Light Airs and Cloudy with light rain saw the procession of Mandareans going to measure the Comp Ships. I had some words with Mr Turner. A Chop came along side but Mr Smith sent it away.

Monday 25th
Light Airs and Clear Weather took in 1 Chop of Cargo containing 162 Bores of Nankins 4 Cases of Tortoise Shell 50 Aniseed 4 Pickled Ginger & 60 Bales of Silk.

Tuesday 26th
Light Airs and Cloudy the Marquis of Camden droped down again and Moored in the Cumberine's place at Night the Chief Mate had Comp on bord Sent up Royal Yards at 11 p.m. saw the Golconda taking in a Smugled Chop of Cargo China men Painting Water Cask I placed the Hen Coops.

Wedensday 27th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy Carpenter Corking between decks I paid the Trothes of the Hencoops put the Stewards Plumbs in jars China men painting between decks Mr Hennecar putting a star on the Gig Carp of the Fort William on bord.

Thursday 28th
Light Airs and Clear Weather. The Thomas Cootes droped down to the 2 Bar the Ann in droping down went on shore but got no ingury took in 1 Chop of Cargo Containing Nankins, Anniseed, Sweet meat, Ginger, China Ware, Toys, & Ivory Wares total 400 cases at 2 p.m. the Capt came from Canton with some more Gentlemen to dine. at Night had some Americans on bord from the Panama the Long Boat hoisted up to the Cats head to paint.

Friday 29th
Light Airs and Clear Weather at 9 the Capt went to Canton Began to stow the Cloves the Doctor of the Ganges came to see the Steward Carpenter repairing the Long Boat China Men Guilding the front of the Cuddy Carpenter went on bord the Fort William.

Saturday 30th
Light Airs and Clear Weather hoisted the Gig in bord Mr Turner Europeans received their Dollers I received 20 at 6 p.m. the Capt came from Canton and went on bord the Pasco to Dinner.

Sunday 31st
Light Airs and Clear Weather. The Bannaman sailed asked the Capt for Lyberty went on bord the Panama to Church with the Capt & Mr Smith at 5 went on bord the Gilford with the Carpenter but did not stop.

Monday Nov 1st
Light Breeze & Cloudy Weather I fell very ill to day was obliged to lay up Mr Smith went to Canton.

Tuesday 2nd
Light Breeze & Cloudy filed all the water to Clear them.

Wedensday 3rd
Light Airs and Cloudy Capt & a Gentleman came from Canton to Tiffen Cleared out the after Cabin and put the sails in the stearege. I felt worse to day Mr Dresser mast headed the Heneless of Bengall Arived.

Thursday 4th
Light Breeze and Cold Weather Carpenter Corking the Long Boat Hands Emp variously.

Friday 5th
Light Breeze & Cold Weather Filled the Water Cask for sea. China men painting the Long Boat.

Saturday Nov 6th
Light Breeze and Cold Weather. Hands Emp variously at Night took in 3 Chests of Smugled Goods.

Sunday 7th
Light Breezes and Clear Weather. Had the Long Boat under sail for the first time Capt came from Canton with some Gentlemen to dine sent on bord some ship for servants.

Monday 8th
Light Breezes and Clear Weather. Capt went to the 2 Bar to Second a duell but the Parties did not come to the Scratch.

Tuesday 9th
Light Airs & Clear Weather took in 1 Chop containing Nankins, Anniseed, Gamboge, Vermilion Fish Counters Blinds, Fans Sweet meats &c. Total 440 Cases.

Wedensday 10th
Light Airs and Clear Weather sent down Top Galent & royal Yds and bent the sails to them and sent them up again 1 day of the Grand Boat race.

Thursday 11th
Light Breeze and Clear Weather Bent Sails and Firled them I struck of the Doctors List.

Friday 12th
Light Breeze & Clear Weather. Capt went to Canton the Lowgee Family droped down.

Saturday 13th
Light Breeze & Clear Weather took in 1 Chop containing 31 Bales of Silk 10 Rhubarb 200 Cases of Casia Buds 30 Cases of Nankins 6 Cases of sweet meats.

Sunday 14th
Light Airs and Clear Weather the Pasco droped down Sun set at ½ past 5. At 11 a.m. all Hands to Muster; at 6 p.m. Capt came to diner with some Gentlemen from Canton.

Monday 15th Nov
Light Airs and Clear Weather took in 1 Chop containing 244 Chests of Anniseed 160 Cassia Buds Nankins Fans Ivory Ware Capt went to Canton, Fort William droped down.

Tuesday 16
Light Airs and Cloudy Rove Running Geer China Men Painting ship out side. at Dusk all hands firl sails saw a Woman floating in the Water Close to the Ship took in 1 Chop Containing raw Silk Pickle dto Nankins Sweet meats Gamboge Fans &c. Total 500 Cases. Spent a comfortable Supper being my Birth day.

Wedensday 17th
Light Airs & Cloudy with rain Hands emp reaving running Geer Had a Chop run foul of our Bows loosed sails Steward came from Canton Cleaned the Harness Cask.

Thursday 18 Nov
Light Airs & Cloudy at 6 Capt came from Canton with a Bly Gentleman loosed sails at 11 Firled sails at 2 p.m. Capt went to Canton received 4 Cases of sweet meats from the Marquis of Camden. I repaired my Scuttle But, Steward had some words with Mr Smith.

Friday 19th
Light Airs and Cloudy Cleared the after Locker had some words with Mr Smith about it. Launched the Jolly Boat at Night the Chief Mate went on bord the Marquis of Huntly. Jolly Boat went a drift 2 men floged for it.

Saturday 20th
Light Breeze & Cloudy at 7 p.m. the Chief Mate sent me aft on the Poop for not attending to his orders at 10 he called me down & told me to get my self for to go to Canton on Liberty at 12 Noon all Europeans & Sea Curries went to Canton in the Long Boat had a pleasent journey 2½ hours going up.

Sunday 21st Nov.
Light Airs and Clear Weather at daylight got up and had breakfast after that went out and Bought some things at 9 went down to the Boat at 10 left for Whampoll had a tedious passage down when we got to the Ship they were discharging a Chop containing Nanking, Lacquerd Ware China Ware Fans Silks Sweetmeats and Cassia Oil Total 450 2 Seacurries & a Seachy put in Irons for getting Tipsey Capt on bord the Glenclue droped down.

Monday 22nd
Light Airs & Cloudy Painted the Harness Cask Loosed sails at Noon furled sails Capt left for Canton at Night Had some English Men on bord to supper from the General Harris Brought with them 1 Case of Drawings 1 Lacquerd Ware received some Grass & Hay Hoisted the Long Boat in.

Tuesday 23rd
Light Airs and Cloudy Opned 1 Cask of American Pork & one of Beef. China Men Painting the upper Deck & Guilding the Head Stored the Gun Room.

Wedensday 24th
Light Airs & Clear Weather Received on Bord 8 Doz of Fowell 40 Capons 6 Doz of Geese Moved our things into the For castle.

Thursday 25th
Light Airs and Clear Weather Weighed all the Poultry and placed them in the Coops put Petetions in the Long Boat Carpenter went to Canton with Mr Smith Saw 6 small guns laying too all day at Night the Mandareans gave them a Chase.

Friday 26
Light Airs & Clear Weather Emp getting evry thing ready for sea Lashed the Harness Cask and put the fuse in the Long Boat at Night the Capt came with some Gentlemen to dine and Brought with him 4 doz of Teal.

Saturday 27th
Light Airs & Clear Weather took in 1 Chop containing Nankins of Different Sorts Screens, Ivory Wares, Ivory Fans, Paper Leaf Fans, Feather Fans, China Paintings rice Paintings Funles, different kinds of Sweet meats, Lacquerd & China ware. Capt went to Canton in the Jolly Boat at 1 all Hands to unmoor ship hove up the Small Bower first had difficulty in getting it Carried away 4 Hawsers at 5 got Booth Anchors but the Tide had turned and was obliged to let go the Anchor again at Night had an English Boats Crew on bord from the Macqueen with 12 Bales of Silk.

Sunday 28th
Light Airs & Clear Weather at 30m a.m. hove up & droped down was obliged to let go the Anchor several times at 4h 30m brought up below the 1 Bar at 6h 30m all Hands at 9 p.m. had 12 Bales of Silk from the Erl of Bellcarris at 9h 30 the Capt came on bord and ordered evry thing to be got ready for getting under weigh Pilot on bord Capt brought some Teal and 3 Cots with him the Summatra droped down Steward went to Canton.

Monday 29 Nov
Strong Breezes and Cloudy at 1 a.m. hove up and droped down a little ways at 3 brought up at 8 hove up & made all sails set Studding sails an India Man got under weigh at the Same time and went down with us at 11 p.m. the Capt went to Canton in the Charles Mcleonil's Boat at 1. Brought up at the 2 Bar firled sails & received 75 Bales of Silk from an India Man Saw another ship coming down.

Tuesday 30th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy at 8 Shorting in Cabel & sheated home the Topsails at 8h 30m got under weigh at 9 abrest of the Edingborough Comp Ship she got under way after we got the Anchors to the Cat heads she was down very much by the lead and all Hands was sent aft on the Tafsail at 2 Brought up in Lintin Roads Firled sails Several small Vessels laying here greater part Smuglers.

Wedensday Dec 1st
Strong Breezes & Cloudy Weather at 9 hove up and went under the Leagh a high on the side of it was a great many houses scatered about at 10 had some boats along side from different ships with Silk at 1 the Agness of Bengall Came down & brought up astern of us & began to send silk to us Carpenter hurted his foot with the Pump Shand marbled the Cargo Chest received altogether 460 Bales.

Thursday 2nd
Strong Breezes & Cloudy Had a China Carpenter from the Agness to repair the Hatches the Glencoe & Summatra sailed & an American left from Whampoal the Golconda came down but did not bring up exchanged signals with her Received 60 Bales of Silk & 50 Nankins Cosses at 5 up Anchor & went farther up.

Heading home....3 December 1830-18 January 1831
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