Heading home.....

3rd December 1830 - 18 January 1831

NOTE: The spelling is that used by James Smith; some punctuation has been added where it helps the sense - SK

Friday Dec 3rd
Strong Breezes & Cloudy. At 4 the Capt & Steward came from Canton. At 8 the Capt went out of the Ship. Put the Stores in the Larbord after Cabin. At 1 hove short to get under weigh but had to stop for the Capt at 4 p.m. hoisted sails and sheated home the Topsails received 20 Cases of Nankeens at 6 hove up and made sail at 1 brought up in Maco Roads.

Saturday 4th
Rather more Moderate Capt went on shore in the Gig men of the Gig & Crew run away Mr Welch, Doctor & Steward went on shore at 3 p.m. Hove up & went nearer in Shore were we had a fine view of the Town, which is enclosed by a wall to prevent the Inhabitants which are Chiefly Portugeas and English from interfearing with the Chineas. In going in Shore we passed under the stern of a French Corvett which was the handsomest ship I ever saw. We anchored in very shallow water being only 17 feet at Low Water.

Sunday 5th
Strong Gales & Cloudy Weather at 8 word passed to muster at 10 a.m. 2 Chops along side with raw & piece goods Silk Crepe altogether 800 Casses at 11 down royal Yards at 5 p.m. struck the royal mast at 5h 30m ship drifted paid out more Cabel I kept the first watch to Night.

Monday 6th
Strong Gales and Cloudy at 3 a.m. Gave the Ship Cable paid out 105 fathoms of the Larbord one at 3h 30m let go the starbord Anchor down top Galent Yds & Royal mast at 10 began to heve up got the starbord Anchor & about 70 fathoms of the Larbord Cabel refed Topsails and firled them at 3 p.m. the Dansbing Swedish Brig came from Lintin with Nankeens for us and Brought up astern of us I kept the first watch to Night again 2 Ships passed us going down to sea.

Tuesday 7th
Fine Breezes and Cloudy Weather at daylight up top Galent Yds & royal mast took in a large Boat of Cargo Containing raw & piece Goods Silk China Ware Lacquerd ware Crape Nankeens sweetmeats &c. Total 800 Cases had Pigs & Poultry come in it & Steward at 1 the Capt came on bord and ordred the Ship to be got under Weigh immediately at 1h 30m began to get under weigh at 2 made sail set studding sails on Larbord side sent up royal yards at Night Strong Breezes and Clear Weather Stearing South at 9 altred Corce to SSW½W.

Wedensday 8th
Strong Breezes and Clear Weather Set studding sails on booth sides at Noon dist from Maco 150 miles Stearing SSW½ W Nailed Canvass before Hencoops put a petition in the Long Boat.

Thursday 9th Decr.
Strong Breezes & Clair Weather Corce SSW½W Broached the American Biscuit put on an allowance of Provisions Hands Hauled up the starbord Cabel. all sail set dist 166 miles Latitude 17-51 N Long 111-17E Bearings of Pulo Sappita S 16 W.

Friday 10th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy all sail set studding sails on both sides Corce S 25 W dist 168 miles Lat 15-22N Long 110-3 S Bearings of Pulo Sapata S 11 W.

Saturday 11
Strong Breezes and Cloudy no studding set at daylight saw a large Island Starbord quarter dist 5 miles more land in sight a head kept the Ship away close in shore at Noon reafed Topsails firled top Galent sails Handed the Mainsail run under Topsails and Fore Sail at 4 firled the Mizen Topsail Gouthwaite sent on the Poop saw a small Boat in Shore we kept close in shore all day up all Chests & Scraped the Forcastle Corce S 3 W Lat 11-57N Long 109-54E Bearing of Pulo Sapata S 23 W dist 120 miles.

Sunday 12th Decr
Strong Gales & Cloudy running under Topsails & Corsers Mustred at 5 Bells a very heavy Sea on at 5 p.m. saw land on the Starbord Bow Lat 9-22N Long 108-1E.

Monday 13th
Strong Breezes & Clear Weather Carrying Royals & Starbord studing sails. Carpenter making a pair of Callepers had some words with the Capt about the Goats ordered to get our Hammocks on Deck evry Day Corce SW dist 207 miles Lat 6-46 Long 106-23E Bearing of Pulo Aro SW dist 270 miles.

Tuesday 14th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy with heavy rain & Squalls at Night looking out for Land but saw none Wind variable Corce SW dist 181 miles Lat 4-3N Long 105E.

Wedensday 15th
Wind variable at daylight Pulo Aro in sight at 10 passed between it & another Island on the Larbord side at 11 got sight of the main land on the starbord bow at 12 Noon it came on a sudden squall & was near carrying a way our mast bit fortunately carried away Nothing but fore top mast studding sail boom at 2 got Pulo Binling in sight on the Starbord bow hauled up to the wind Lat 2-14N Long 104-25E Bearings of Pedro Blanco south.

Thursday 16th
Heavy rains with squalls making and taking in sails at Night at daylight Brought up in 40 Fathoms of water paid out 60 Fathoms Cabel firled sails at 5h 30m all Hands turned in still raining very fast Doctor kept the watch at 9h 30m all Hands went to Breakfast at 11 hove up & made sail at 2 p.m. got Sincapore in sight at 8 p.m. Brought up in Sincapore Roads in 8 Fathoms of Water the Capt Hailed the Golconda & asked if the F. William had sailed firled sails & went to supper still raining heavy.

Friday 17th
At daylight all Hands Light Airs & Cloudy with rain Loosed sails at 1 the Capt came on bord & ordred the Ship to get under weigh to go farther in shore hove up & made sail & brought up in 8 Fathoms 3 Ships sailed & a schooner arived Carpenter of the Fort William on bord. Heard of the Kings Death.

Saturday 18th
At daylight all Hands Cargo Boats along side Light Airs and Cloudy discharged 8 Boats of Silk each containing 120 Bales found a great deal of Cargo damaged by Binshing of Water Cask sent on bord 2 ships for Mates to survey it at Night the Capt came on bord. Loosed sails. Golconda sailed.

Sunday 19th
Light Airs and Cloudy discharged 12 Boats Chiefly Nankeens, Cassia Buds, Silk, Gamboge, Anniseed &c. Sailed the Fort William a brig a Schooner & Portugeas ship the latter got on shore a little and could not be got off our Capt signalized to her and got a Dutch Brig under weigh to go to her assistance and by taking out some of her Cargo she got her to Livings.

Monday 20th
Light Airs & Cloudy with squalls at 4 p.m. the Portuguese Ship got off without much ingury by discharging some of her Cargo we discharged 12 Boats.

Tuesday 21st
Light Airs & Cloudy with squalls discharged 12 Boats sent down top Galent & royal Yds & struck the royal mast.

Wedensday 22nd
Light Airs & Cloudy with squalls at 2 p.m. we was hailed from the Manlias and told that she was on Fire accordingly the Chief Mate sent a Boats Crew on bord of her & I went in the Boat the fire was soon extinquished & without doing much damage fortunately it was put out before it got to the Powder though it first caught in the Gun Room by a Cask of Brandy catching fire. Carpenter went on bord of the Portugues ship to sound her will.

Tuesday 23rd
Light Airs & Cloudy with rain finished discharging & began to take in Cloves & Coffee at 2 the Lascars went off to the Mate wishing to leave the Ship. Capt came on bord in the Jolly Boat & told them that not a man should go out of the ship Carp & Steward went on bord of the Gilford.

Friday 24th
Light Airs & Cloudy with rain took in 6 Chops containing sugar & Nankeens Brought a cask of Arack of Shore.

Saturday 25th
Light Airs & Clear Weather I was on shore the Greater part of the day took in 8 Boats of Cargo at 6 p.m. had a comfortable dinner on bord had the Joiner & midship man of the Pyramis to dine with us & staid all Night M r Smith & Mr Hennecar had some high words & Mr Smith struck Mr H. gave him a black Eye & confined him to his Cabin thus I ended 2 Christmas days at sea and neather of them without rows between the officers.

Sunday 26th
Light Airs & Clear Weather took in 5 Boats of Cargo left of work at 4 p.m. a Dutch Ship English Brig & Comp Cruiser Arived & the Panang Merchant put back from the China Seas having sprung her Bowsprit.

Monday 27th
Light Airs & Squally with rain the Gleneloe & David Clark sailed. Hands Emp taking in Cargo.

Tuesday 28th
Light Airs & squally with rain Hands Emp taking in Cargo a China Junk & Colombo Brig sailed.

Wedensday 29th
Light Airs & Clear Weather Sent up top Galent & royal Yds & royal mast & bent the sails.

Thursday 30th
Light Breeze & Squally the Manlias, Penang Merchant, & Gilford sailed & the Innaud from China Day Break at 4h 30 m a.m.

Friday 31st
Light Breeze & Clear Weather the H.C. Barque & Schooner of War sailed for Panang we saw the Old Year out & New one in.

Saturday January 1st 1831
Light Breeze & Clear Weather the H.M. Ship Crocadile arived being obliged to put back from the China Seas got the main mast in between decks but not without a great deal of trouble Capt on bord the Greater part of the day.

Sunday 2nd
Light Airs & Clear Weather a Dutch ship left. Carpenter & Midshipman of the Pyramis on bord Steward staid on shore very late took in no Cargo.

Monday 3rd
Light Airs & Clear Weather Brought some Plank & Cask staves from shore Had 2 China men on bord to work 2 Portugueas & 1 English Man joined the ship filed the Hold to day.

Tuesday 4th
Light Airs & Clear Weather Hands Emploid stowing between Decks taking in Cassia Buds & Anniseed.

Wedensday 5th
Light Breeze & Cloudy with squalls taking in Lacquerd Ware & juice good Crapes &c.

Thursday 6th
Strong Breeze & Clear Weather Hands Emp stowing Water Cask taking in Gamboge from the Innaud she sailed for Calcutta.

Friday 7th
Light Airs & Clear Weather took in 1 Boat of Coffee & some Fire Wood finished stowin Cargo.

Saturday 8th
Light Breeze & Clear Weather Hands Emp getting things ready for Sea Bent the Fore Topsail Lascars left the Ship had some Portuguese joined the ship for England 2 Invalaid & a Carpenters Mate joined us from the Crocadile I went on bord the Mencooler.

Sunday 9th
Strong Breezes & Clear Weather Hands getting things ready for Sea & taking in Fire Wood I went on shore in the Jolly Boat for stores the Steward left me & I staid till late at 9 I put 2 Water Cask on shore & came of I saw our Ship had a light up for the Boats coming off, I came along Side & he asked me were the Water Cask was I told him on shore he asked me what I left them on shore for & he immediately sent the Boat for them.

Monday 10th
At 4 all Hands began to heave up at 5 made sail with a fair wind at Noon squally in royalls & top Galent sails & 1st reaf of the Topsails had a narrow Escape of going on a rock being only about 11/2 fathoms from it at 4 East Cape bore East dist 1 mile pased a great number of Islands greater part of them very fertile & beautiful appearence being close to us at Night lowerd the Topsail on the Caps & handed the Mizen.

Tuesday 11th
Strong Breezes and squally with rain setting & taking in sail accordingly Got into the Straits of Rhio had land close on bord of us on both sides greater part of it low & fertile.

Wedensday 12th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy with squalls of rain at daylight saw a Malay Man of War & a Brig at 8 passed them at 12 they were about 10 miles astern. Entered the Straits of Blanco land close on bord of us on booth sides Saw a ship laying at Anchor in shore on the starbord bow Saw some small vessels a head at 10h 30m all Hands bring ship to Anchor at midnight brought up in 12 Fathoms firled sails raining very fast with lightning & Thunder Paid out 50 Fathoms of Cabel.

Thursday 13th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy with rain at daylight saw several vessels laying at Anchor. Riged the Jolly Boat & Lowered her for getting Soundings on the Bar at 11 a.m. got under weigh with a strong breeze Saw several small crafts a head under sail got Clear of the Bar in 4 fathoms land Close on Bord on Booth sides.

Friday 14th
Strong Breezes & Cloudy with rain at daylight saw a Barque to leward of us at 8 she was abrest of us & went a head she was the H.C.S. Castle Huntly from China. Land in sight on booth sides but very wide at 6 the Barque was about 10 miles a head 1 reaf of the Topsails Course S dist 90 miles Lat 4-43S Long 106-12 Bearing of the 2 Brothers S 1 E dist 25 miles.

Saturday 15th
Strong Gales & Clear Weather down royal yds & mast passed the Barque in the Middle Watch had land on booth sides but close on the starbord side having a beautiful appearence greater part of it very woody other parts low and fertile & several Islands between us & the land some of the land very up high at 10 the Barque brought up to Water passed Anger point still keeping cloose to the land on the starbord side tacking ship occasionly at 5 lowered the Gig down to get Anchorages at 6 brought up in Rajah Bass Roads firled sails & went to supper had a great quantity of boats off with Birds, Turtles &c.

Sunday 16th
Strong Brezes & Cloudy with rain at daylight the Jolly Boat was sent on shore for Water at 10 the Boat was sent on shore again I was sent in her I was very much [amused] interested in the manner & appearance of the place evry thing being very wild with romantic seanery and a great pleanty of Water and fruit & very good I was much amused with the People & the manner in which they danced they being all Malays Night the King of the Place came on bord in the Gig to dine with the Capt at 8 the Jolly Boat came from the shore & the Gig was sent on the shore with the King then blowing very hard.

Monday 17th
Strong Breeze & Clear Weather at daylight got under weigh with a head wind Keeping cloose to the land at 9 saw a Comp ship at 10 another hove in sight & booth passed us at Night Light Airs & Cloudy.

Tuesday 18th Jany
Light Airs & Cloudy with squalls at daylight saw the Castle Huntly & Arethusa of Witby at 12 they were abrest of us at 2 Java Head Bore SW Stowed the Anchors at Night Light Airs & Clear Wea.

And at that point there is no space left in James Smith's notebook, and his narrative comes to an enforced conclusion.

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