In 1892 no fewer than eight Kidner farms were stocked with the Dorset Horn breed of sheep.

Heywood Farm, Nynehead - John Kidner
Bickley Farm, Milverton - Samuel Kidner
Blagroves Farm, Milverton, Joseph Kidner
Fennington Farm, Kingston - William Kidner
Lodge Farm, Durston - John Champion Kidner
Manor Farm, Catherstone, Dorset - Edwin Kidner
Blackmore Farm, Cannington - John Kidner
Haygrove Farm, Trull - Francis Kidner


The Dorset Horn Flockbook No. XI of 1902 records five Kidner farms stocking Dorset Horns:

Swang Farm, Charlynch (Francis Kidner):
173 breeding ewes,
52 ewe hogs and 3 rams

Heywood Farm, Nynehead (John Kidner):
220 breeding ewes, 140 ewe hogs, 10 rams
(Ram 'Weymouth Wrangler' was the best lamb in the Champion Pen at the Royal Counties Show, Weymouth, 1901)

Blagroves Farm, Milverton (Joseph Kidner):
103 breeding ewes, 66 ewe hogs, 2 rams

Bickley Farm, Milverton (Sam Kidner):
160 breeding ewes, 60 ewe hogs, 5 rams

Fennington Farm, Kingston St Mary (William Kidner):
130 breeding ewes, 53 ewe hogs, 7 rams



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