Appendix 50 - Pigot's and Kelly's Directories

These directories were an early version of 'Yellow Pages'. Organised by county and by town,
they usually gave a description of each town and then listed the gentry and tradesmen there based.
Pigot did not list farmers.

Pigot 1830

Blandford Shoemaker, Kidner, John, Salisbury st

Pigot's 1839 Directory for London

Butcher Kidner Geo. 23 Bedford st, Bedford row
Butcher Kidner John, 21 Bermondsey wall
Butcher Kinder Fras, 3 Chandos st, St. Martin's la
Grocer Kidnor Saml. 6 Millpond st, Rotherhithe

Pigot's 1839 Directory for Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Brixton George Kidner, Butcher, Robert Street, Brixton, Surrey
Chertsey William Kidner, Carpenter and Builder, Windsor Street, Chertsey, Surrey
Richmond William Kidner, Lighterman, Whitecross Row, Richmond, Surrey
Gravesend John Kidner, Butcher, 90, Parrock Street, Gravesend, Kent

Kelly 1861

Bridgwater Chant & Kidner, Millers, Church Street Mills
Broomfield Joseph Ellett, farmer, Oxhole Farm
Richard Kidner, farmer, Staddons Farm
Joseph Lee, farmer, Travellers' Rest
Cannington John Kidner, farmer, Blackmore
Durston Samuel Kidner, farmer, Lodge Farm
Goathurst John Kidner, Farmer
Luccombe John Chibbett, farmer
Robert Kitnor, shoemaker
Milverton Mrs Ann Kidner, Bickley
Monksilver Richard Kidner, Farmer, Woodford
Puriton Benjamin Kidner, Farmer
James Kidner, Farmer
John Kidner, Farmer
Mrs Mary Kidner, Farmer
Stoke St Gregory John Kidner, Grocer and Draper
Taunton William Chibbett, builder, Upper High Street
Thurloxton John Kidner, farmer
West Monkton James Kidner, farmer, Bathpool
Williton James Chibbet, Cabinet maker and shopkeper

Kelly 1875

Place Name Trade Address 2015 comment
Bath Ketnor, John Bootmaker 9 Chapel Row  
Kidner, Charles Licensee of the Gloucester PH 21 Somerset Buildings, Walcot
Kidner, John   Rose Cottage, Camden Road
Bridgwater Chant & Kidner Millers & Corn Dealers Eastover
Bristol Kidner, James Carpenter Newton st., Stapleton rd.  
Kidner, Robert Shopkeeper Lead Works lane Married Mary Ann Bessell in 1865
Broomfield Kidner, John Farmer Binford's
Cannington Kidner, John Farmer Blackmoor Farm
Cothelstone Kidner, William Farmer Fennington Farm
Durston Kidner, Samuel Farmer Lodge Farm
Kingston St Mary Kidner, William Farmer Finniton ie Fennington
Luccombe Ketnor, Robert Shoemaker
Milverton Kidner, Mrs Private resident Ann Kidner, widow of William
Kidner, Samuel Farmer Bickley Farm
Monksilver Kidner, Richard Retired Farmer Woodford
Nynehead Kidner, John Farmer Hayward Farm Heywood Farm
Staple Fitzpaine Kidner, Richard Farmer Staple Farm
Thurloxton Kidner, John Farmer also listed under North Petherton for the same farm which spread over both parishes.
Wembdon Kidner, James Farmer Wembdon Farm
Williton Chibbett, James Cabinet Maker and Shopkeeper
Woolavington Kidner, Benjamin Farmer

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