Appendix 44 - The 1601'Census'

Where were Kidner families to be found in 1601? If one carries out a 'census' based on evidence from parish registers, wills and other documentary evidence, this picture emerges:

These are the households indicated on the diagram:

Head Spouse and children Evidence from
Chedzoy Andrew Kidner (1565-1625)

Joan Hobs, marriage 23 Oct 1598

Andrew, b 1591, son of Andrew's first wife Agnes

Agnes, wife of Andrew Kidner, was buried on 5th Jan 1597. Andrew's will was proved in 1625
North Petherton

Margery Kidner (1540-1602), widow of William Kidner

North Petherton

William Kidner (1560-1638), son of William and Margery

Edith, marriage in ?

Joan, b.c1600

North Petherton Henry Kidner (1565-1608), son of William and Margery

Mary Sully, marriage 1586

John, b.c1587

North Petherton John Kidner (1570-1613), son of William and Margery Joan Parker, marriage 1591
Anastacie (c1545-1614), widow of Richard Kidner (c1545-1592) -
Richard Kidner (c1568-1639), son of Richard and Anastacie

Mary Morly, marriage 1598

Thomas b.c1601

Unnamed Kidner, son of Richard and Anastacie

Joan , marriage c.1600

Margery b.c1600

Richard Kidner (1560-aft. 1635), son of Thomas and Margaret Agnes Morly - marriage 1596
John Kidner (1563-bef. 1644), son of Thomas and Margaret

Jane Gilberd, marriage 9 Sept 1590

William, bp. 30 Aug 1591
Robert, bp. 7 Oct 1593
Anstis, bp. 1 Sept 1594

Marriage in Parish Register

Baptisms in Parish Register

Edward Kidner (1564- ?), son of Thomas and Margaret

Wife unknown

Edward bp 1601

Henry Kidner (1558-16..?), son of Henry Kidner and Alice Scely

Wife unknown, marriage 2 Aug 1592
Robert, bp. 6 Oct 1593
Francis, bp May 1599

Henry baptised 21 Aug 1558

His marriage in PR byt bride's name illegible

Ambrose Kidner (1566-1629), son of Henry Kidner and Alice Scely

Susie Leave, marriage 25 May 1595

Alice, b.c1595
Avice, b.c1699

Marriage in PR

Burial in PR

Wilmotte Kitnor, the widow of Roger of Exford

Henry, b. c1580-1637/8
John, b.

Made her will in 1623

Henry and John named in Roger's will ; Henry's will was proved in 1638

Richard Kitnor (c. 1585-1621)
Henry Kitnor (?-1600/02) Richard Kidner who married Gunnet in 1614 may have been Henry's son

Henry's will was made between 1600 and 1602.

Richard, then of Dunster, and Gunnet sued her brothers in 1620

Michael and Joane Kitnor (Both lived in Porlock, and may have been married) Their wills were proved in 1617 and 1621 respectively
John Kittner of Tivington John was churchwarden at Selworthy in 1603
Stoke Pero
Joane Kitnor Her will was proved in 1615
Wootton Courtenay
Agnes Kitnor Her will was proved in 1635






































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