Appendix 43 - Somerset Hearth Tax 1664/65

and exemptions in 1670 and 1674

Source:Dwelly's National Records, Vol. 1, Hearth Tax for Somerset 1664/1665.

Hearth Tax was payable on chimneys, by occupiers of dwellings worth more than 20/- p.a.

Per annum


Place Chimneys Page
Blacksole (near Goathurst)
6s. Geo. Kidner iij Ex 43
4s. John Kidner ij Ex 55
8s. Rob. Kidner iij Ex 71
- Rob. Kidner j not rated to Church nor poore by reason of theire povertie 72
8s. Rich. Kidner vij Three are fallen down 73
Alcombe (near Dunster)
4s. Peter Kidner ij Ex 119
Wotton Courtney
2s. Margt. Kilnor vid. (sic) j Ex 121
2s. Dorothy Kitnor vid. j Ex 126
10s. Geo. Davis, John Chebat and Edward Withicombe vj

now George Davis

One is fallen down


Note: Some of the hearth tax rolls for 1664/65 have been lost (and may be found). Those for North Petherton, Durston, Over Stowey and others no longer exist.


Exemptions in 1670 and 1674

Source: Dwelly's National Records, Vol. II

Richard Kidner Overstowey 21 March 1670
William Kidner Taunton Hundred Oake tithing 1674
ffran. Kidner Andersfield Hundred Durley Duke Fee 1674
Amos Chibbett East Quantoxhead
Henry Chibbett Dunster
John Chibbett Porlock
Thomas Chibbett Minehead
Thomas Chibbett Luccombe/Selworthy
Michael Chebed Old Cleeve

The following appear as churchwardens:

Richard Kidner at Netherstowey, 20 December 1670

Richard Kidner at Overstowey, 1670

Robert Kidner at Spaxton, 19th February 1670

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