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Hundred of Carhampton - Tithing of Almisworthe (p.48)

Ablemen Armor - One tething corslet furnished, one pair of almain rivets
John Thorne Pekeman John to Courte viij pair of almain rivets furnished
Anthony Donscombe Archer Willm. Edbroke
Richd. Kitnor billman Henry Elsworth
John to Court gonner Robert Luckhis
John Luckas archer Richard Upington, and others
John Elsworth billman
John Donscombe archer John Sharland iiij bows, iiij sheafs of arrows, xvi bills
Richd. Snowe billman Henry Kent
John Amsworth pekeman John Baker, and others
John Bruer archer
Richd. Hill billman
Thos. Edbroke archer
Hundred of Carhampton - Tithing of Luxborough (p.50)
Ablemen Armor - one tithing corslet furnished
Leonard Upcote pekeman Wm. Sethervine viij pair of almain rivets furnished
Thos. Webber archer James Foster
Walter Brewer gonner Roger Hurrford
Geo. Lovell billman John Chapman
Robt. Sudderven archer John Howe
John Bollorthey billman Walter Gardner
Follentyne Hurford gonner Henry Strange
Wm. Kitner archer Thomas Hurford, and others
James Foster billman
Thos. Greenslade pekeman John Larkerman

a corslet furnished.

ij bows, ij sheafs of arrows and a bill

Nicholas Bowden archer Richard Newman
Silvester Aldercobe billman Richard Osmonde, and others
Thos. Washer archer
Hundred of Carhampton - Tithing of Wotton Cortney (p.52)
Ablemen Armor - one tithing corselet furnished
John Strange pekeman Hugh Cole ix pairs of almain rivets furnished
Henry Strange archer Roger Strettinger
Wm. Badcock billman William Blake
Robt. Prelet archer Thomas Thorn
John Elsworth gonner John Kitner
John Sully billman Richard Yeode
Roger Hole archer Hugh Dobell
John Dobell gonner William Yerne
Giles Yeme billman Roger Bryant
Walter Puttom archer
Wm. Westcote billman Roger Bryant ij hand guns furnished
Wm. Walcote archer Giles Yeell
Edward Yeode gonner
John Uppington billman John Elsworthe xix bills, ij bows, ij sheafs of arrows
Hugh Tirrell archer Thomas Yerne
Roger Lawghwill billman John Ulcote
John Bryant, and others
Hundred of Cannyngton - Tithing of Spaxton (p.245)
Ablemen Armor - One tithing corslet furnished
Robt. Dooe billman William Crosse a corslet furnished
John Stuckye archer
Thos. Hancocke gonner John Becham two bows, two sheafs of arrows, ij bills, ij sculls
John Nacion billman John Kydner, and others
Thos. Hoskyns archer
John Murley billman
Richd. Kydner archer
John Dawe billman
Thos. Raynold pekeman
Nichas. Aplye pekeman


1. The age for an ableman was normally 18 to 46.

2. A pair of almain rivets was a complete harness, a salet or headpiece, a back plate and a breastplate, with jointed pieces working in slots over the thighs (SRS 20, p. 329)

3. In the muster of 1586, in preparation for the coming of the Armada, no Kitnor or Kydner is shown on the rolls. (Somerset and the Armada by Emanuel Green, F.S.A.)


Appendix 41 - Somerset Muster Rolls, 1569