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1794, March 19th Sarah, daughter of Jessy and Susannah Kidner of Oggshole Farm
1802, May 27th William, son of John and Elizabeth Kidner John Kidner and 'Betty' Payne
1810, December 26th Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Kidner died 21 November 1838
1761, March 23rd

Richard Kidner of West Monkton and Mary Lyng, of this parish, spinster, by licence

Witnesses: John Kidner and Andrew Lock


Marriage licences preserved in the register safe:

1835, January 12th Charles Spurway, of Bridgwater, and Mary Kidner
1837, May 11th John Kidner and Eliza Phillips
1844, October 25th, John Lockyer of Stoke St Gregory and Anna Kidner

1781, March 31st Honour Kedner Daughter of Richard K and Mary Lyng
1793, January 11th Richard Kidner Husband of Mary Lyng
1798, December 29th Mary Kidner A daughter of Richard K and Mary Lyng
1800, January 6th Mary Kidner nee Lyng
1832 Grace Kidner nee Barrington, wife of George Kidner
1837, February George Husband of Grace, aged 62
1837, November Mary Spurway Daughter of John K and Betty Payne
1838, October Joseph Kidner Aged 6 months, son of John and Eliza
1838, November Elizabeth Kidner Daughter, aged 28, of John K and Betty
1844, 30 November Elizabeth Champion Kidner Daughter, aged 6 months, of Samuel and Elizabeth
1843, February Betty Kidner Aged 70, wife of John
1844, December Joseph Kidner Aged 78, the unmarried son of John K and Mary Lyng
1845 George Kidner Aged 6, son of John and Eliza
1851 John Kidner Aged 90, husband of Betty Payne
1852 Samuel Kidner Aged 2, son of John and Eliza
1858 Alethea Kidner Aged 2, daughter of John and Eliza
1871 Eliza Kidner Aged 58, wife of John
Churchwarden duties

1801: John Kidner
1817: John Kidner
1839: John Kidner
1842-1847: John Kidner and Robert Pain
1847: James Hopkins and John Kidner
1853: John Kidner
1884: Joseph Kidner


Eliza Kidner and 4 children

John Kidner of Thurloxton (1804-1904) married Eliza Phillips at Thurloxton on 11th May 1837. They had eleven children in total, including William 'of Fennington Farm' (1842-1932), John 'of Thrapston' (1844-1917), and Francis 'of Swang Farm' (1846-1911). John himself was buried at Milverton.

In loving memory of
wife of John Kidner of this parish who died April 28th 1871 aged 58 years

Also of their four children

who died October 16th 1838 aged 6 months

who died September 25th 1845 aged 6 years

who died January 18th 1852 aged 2 years

who died September 5th 1858 aged 2 years

Also of John Kidner, Husband of the above Eliza Kidner who died July 8th 1904 in his 100th year. Interred at Milverton

Grace and George Kidner

Grace Barrington married George Kidner in 1810. They had no children. George was the son of Richard Kidner and Mary nee Lyng.

Mary Spurway née Kidner was the niece of Grace and George, and had married Charles Spurway at Thurloxton on 12th January 1835.

Sacred to the Memory of

Grace Kidner the wife of
George Kidner who died August 29th 1832
Aged 59 years


Also George Kidner
Husband of the above Grace Kidner
Who died February 13th 1837
Aged 62 years

Also Mary Spurway
Eldest daughter of John Kidner
of this parish who died Nov 18th 1837
Aged 31 years

John and Betty Kidner

John Kidner married Betty Payne on 6th Novemeber 1800 at North Curry.

Joseph was John's younger brother who worked as a farm hand for him.


Sacred to the Memory of

BETTY wife of John Kidner
of this Parish who died Feb 1st 1843
Aged 70 years

Also ELIZABETH daughter of the above
who died Nov 21th 1838
Aged 28 years

who died Dec 27th
Aged 78 years

who died 2nd May 1851
Aged 90 years

St Giles, Thurloxton The Kidner graves illustrated are in the central row above  


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