St Margaret, Spaxton - seating

Pew In 1618 In 1726
The north side of the church, the Men's saits (6 pews)
Pew 2 John Leave Robert Kidner for hier Pightly
The North side of the church. The womens saits (9 pews)
Pew 5 Simon Legg Richard Kidner now called Leggs.
Pew 8 Richard Kidner Richard Kidner for South house.
Pew 9 Thomas Duckam Richard Kidner now called Duckhams
The north side of the middle row. The mens saits (6 pews)
Pew 4 Richard Kidner Richard Kidner now called lower Pightly or north hous.
Pew 4 Edward Fisher Robert Kidner now called Fishers
The South side of the church. The mens saits (6 pews)
Pew 4 Simon Legg Richard Kidner now called Leggs
Pew 5 Thomas Duckham Richard Kidner for Duckhams
The South side of the church. The womens saits (6 pews)
Pew 3 Richard Kidner Richard Kidner now called lower Pightly or north house
Pew 5 Edward Fisher Robert Kidner for Fishers
All the seats in the Ile belongs to the Parish

Churchwardens (extracts)

1587 John Keedner with John Raffe
1621 Rcd Kidner with John Crosse
1637 Robert Kidner with George Daves
1654 Robert Kidner with Thos. Jenkins
1664 Robert Kidner with Henry Cole
1670 Robert Kidner with William Hodges
1679 Robert Kidner with Richard Biffen
1681 Robert Kidner with Robert Streat
1686 Robert Kidner with William Thorne
1689 Richard Kidner with Thos. Trott
1694 Richard Kidner with Christopher Ruscombe
1695 Richard Kidner with Christopher Ruscombe
1697 Richard Kidner with William Blake
1698 Richard Kidner with William Thorne
1699 Richard Kidner with Thomas Reason
1701 Richard Kidner with Thomas Reason
1715 Richard Kidner with Luke Parsons
1716 Richard Kidner with Arthur Blake
1722 Richard Kidner with William Locker
1723 Richard Kidner with William Locker
1724 Richard Kidner with Thomas Reason
1744 John White with George Kidner
1748 George Kidner with John White
1753 George Kidner by himself
1754 George Kidner with Thomas Grant

1658 Church Rate

"A Rate made the Eleventh day of June 1658 for the Reparation of the Parrish Church of Spaxton aforesaid by Roberte Seagar and Symon Legg Church-wardens together with John Ruscombe, John Headford, Thomas Gander and Steven Grave Overseers for the Poore for the said yeare 1658."

Odlum calculates the total collected as £10-16-2d.

Robert Kidner of Pightlye 1-10
Alice Kidner of Pightlye 1-10
George Kidner of Pightlye 0-3d

1664/65 Hearth Tax and 1670 Hearth Tax Exemptions

Dwelly's National Records explains that Hearth Tax was a payment to the King of 2/- on every hearth 'in all houses paying to Church and Poor', that is proprty rated at 20/- or more, the owners of which were liable for Church rates and Poor rates.

Robert Kidner 8/-
Robert Kidner 0. Not rated to Church or Poore.

No Kidners were exempt from Hearth Tax in 1670; Robert Kidner and William Hodges, the churchwardens, were among those who signed the list of qualifying owners.

1687 - The Churchyard Bounds

It is quite unclear what was meant by the Churchyard Bounds (the word may be 'Bourd', for one idea is that a 'bound' was a heavy plank that formed part of a fence. Perhaps the listed property owners, of whom there are over 60, were each responsible for a short section of the boundary fence. The list starts at 'The wall against ye Church house belongs to Mr Arindell and Mr John Blak for Tuxwell' and continues:

The hach belonging to ye parish
Ye gate next to that to ye Rector, and then includes....
Next Mr Kidner for higher Pightly....
Next Mr Robert Kidner for Fishers,....
Next Robert Kidner for his south hous ....
Next Robert Kidner for his north hous,...
Next Robert Kidner for Duckhams,...
Next Robert Kidner for Millses,...
Next Robert Kidner for Leggs,...
and ends with
And John Richards for Cornewalls Mill

Overseers of the Poor (extracted from John Thomas's Book)

1697 Robert Kidner
1698 Richard Kidner
1701 Richard Kidner
1703 Robert Kidner
1707 Richard Kidner
1710 Richard Kidner

Highways Surveyors (extracted from John Thomas's book)

1699 Robert Kidner
1728/29 Richard Kidner
1746 George Kidner
1791 Pd Mr Kidner (a/c)

John Thomas's Survey of 1720

An assessment of the acreage and rateable value of that acreage by owner (extracts)

Richard Kidner for his Estate in lower Pightly
Richard Kidner for Duckhams, now Mr Jasper Porters
Robert Kidner for Fishers, now John White
Robert Kidner for hier Pightly, now John White
Richard Kidner for ye first pt. of Dayes, now John White
Richard Kidner for Leggs


The History of the Church and Village of Spaxton by M.J. Odlum (1974) is essential reading for anyone researching Spaxton.

Amongst the parish papers Odlum records is a book compiled by a churchwarden, John Thomas, between 1720 and 1755, the year in which he died. Odlum explains: "His book...not only contains a great deal of information about... Spaxton in his own age but also has many references to earlier records and documents which were once in the parish chest".

John Thomas's book includes details of the church seating, churchwarden accounts and the churchyard bounds.


St Margaret's Spaxton, photo by Simon Kidner

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