Year Date Name Parents 2008 comments
1707 April 27th Sarah Thomas and Elizabeth Kidner Elizabeth née Poles?
1783 February - James James and Joan Kidner Joan née Thomas
1795 September 26th Anne William and Hannah Kidner ? Susannah
1797 October 10th Mary William and Susannah Kidner Susannah née Pavey
1800 August 17th Susannah William and Susannah Kidner
1803 June 25th John William and Susanna Kidner
1808 February 21st John Chard Ann Kidner
1835 January 12th Maria Elizabeth Kidner, spinster


Parish Register information 2008 Comment
1681 June 4th Simon Walford and Mary Kidner  
1699 July 10th Thomas Kidner of Gotehurst and Mary Dawe of Holford Goathurst
1769 April 6th James Biddlecombe and Ann Kiddner, spinster, both otp, wit. Thomas Kidner, Mary Kidner, by Licence
1770 November 15th Simon Stevens, Blacksmith, and Mary Kidner, spinster, both otp, wit. Frances Kidner, Jane Stevens, by Licence
1778 September 14th James Kidner and Joan X Thomas, both otp, wit. Simon Stevens, William Skynner, by Licence
1860 September 27th James Kidner, full age, widower, Farmer, West Monkton, father Jesse Kidner, Farmer, and Hannah Isaacs, full age, spinster, Enmore, father William Isaacs, Farmer, wit. Thomas Read, Sarah Read


Parish Register information 2008 Comment
1852 April 13th Ann Kidner, aged 53, Enmore Anthony's wife from Weston Zoyland; Ann née Martin.
1854 January 31st Anthony Kidner, aged 57, Enmore son of Jesse K & Susannah of Oggshole


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