Year Date Name Parents 2008 comments
1750 October 17th Elizabeth John Kidner  
1752 May 17th Nancy John Kidney (sic)  
1754 January 22nd John John Kidner  
1756 March 16th John John Kidner  
1775 May 13th John John and Betty Kidner Betty née Carter
1777 November 22nd Mary Carter John and Betty Kidner
1802 December 28th William John and Susan[n]ah


Parish Register information 2008 Comment
1801 April 19th John Kidner and Susannah Stickland  
1821 December 4th

John Kidner, widower, and Elizabeth Keats



1756 October 8th John, son of John Kidner  
1770 August 24th ......Kidner, wife of John  
1779 August 27th .......Kidner, wife of John Betty Carter?
1780 March 2nd Mary ....... of John Bad notes! Will correct asap
1788 February 6th Kidner, John, Senior
1821 April 2nd Susannah, wife of John aged 47


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Appendix 20 - Blandford Forum SS. Peter and Paul Parish Registers

Extracts transcribed by Simon Kidner