Appendix 13 - Kitnors of Exford, late 15th to early 17th century

(i) John Kitnor, d. c. 1551

John Kitnor of Exford perhaps lived at Chibbet and is likely to have been a descendant of William de Kitenore of 1334. He made his will in 1551; his estate was about £400, of which he left £3 to charity, half the residue to his widow Marion, and half to this three children. Marion made her will at Exford in 1571.

Sources: Taunton Wills, Part 1 (BRS 45)

(ii) John Kitnor, d. c. 1573

John was a son of John and Marion, probably a younger son. He was a clerk in holy orders and curate of Landkey, 2½ miles south east of Barnstaple. On 22nd October 1567 he sued his mother, Marion, about his share of his father's will, claiming that Marion had given him only £6 /13/ 4 whereas his share should have been about £40. Another John, John Kittner, made his will at Exford in 1587. Perhaps he was a nephew of this John and brother or cousin of Richard who died in 1596.

Sources: Devonshire Wills, Vol. II (BRS 46) SRS 62, p.57

(iii) Richard Kitnor, d.1596

Richard was probably the grandson of the John who made his will in 1551, and nephew of John, the curate of Landkey. In the Muster of the Somerset Militia in 1569 he was mustered as an Ableman in Almsworthy tithing, which included Exford. He married Petronelle, and they had two sons, Roger and John, and two daughters, Marian and Joan. He made his will on the 12th March 1595/96, and left 20/- to each of his cousins, Henry and Joane Kytner, and to each of the four daughters of Willmut Kytner. To each of his daughters he gave 100 marks and household goods; to his son, John, he gave 100 marks "when he shalbe twelve yeares of age" and a cow "presentlie to be delivered unto him". After other gifts he gave half of his "living" to Petronelle and half to Roger and the whole to Roger on his mother's death; at the first manor court after his death Petronelle was to surrender her half of his living to Roger, but, if she did not do so, Roger was to have £100 instead. He mentioned his deceased brother Roger to whose executors he owed £61. This may have been the Roger Kitnor who made his will at Cutcombe in 1583. Henry Kitner, his cousin, was a witness to his will. Perhaps this was the Henry Kitnor who made his will at Minehead in 1600/02. Petronelle was his executrix and residual legatee. His will was proved in the PCC on 23rd April 1596.

(iv) John Kitnor, b. post-1584, d.c. 1621

Nothing is known of Richard's elder son, Roger. His younger son, John, was under 12 when his father died in 1596. John made his will at Exford in 1621. He called himself "John senior" - so he probably had a son named John. Susanna Kitner who made her will at Exford which was proved in 1632 was probably Roger's widow (but might have been John's widow). A contemporary, Mellis Kitnor, made his will at Exford which was proved in 1622.

After 1632 there is no record of any Kitnor living at Exford.

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