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Date made Name Place Main Provisions Comments/Sources
1531 Walter Kydner Stogursey

Bequests to:

  • Walter, my son - two oxen
  • Residue - Johan, my wife

Other names:

Ric. Hoge
Rob. Grove (overseers)
Sir Nicholas Philips (Witness)
Clement Hall (Clerk)

Wells Wills 1528-1536 (Weaver)
1531 John Kyne Cannington

Nothing about bequests recorded

Other people:

Alice Kyne, hsi wife

Wells Wills 1528-1538 (Weaver)
1534 John Ketenore Minehead

Bequests to:

  • Parish Church of Minehead - a cowe
  • Parish church of Selworthy - two sheep
  • Parish church of Wotton [Courtenay] - two ewes
  • Each godchild - 4d.
  • John Wyks - 4d
  • to other people named, in total: 20 sheep, one ox; one cowe; and one lamb.
  • Residue to Harry Sqyrell and John Hurborde

Other names mentioned:

John Hurborde alias Roger
Joan Roger
Harry Glas
John Budde
Sir Thomas Fuger (curate)

Wells Wills 1528-1536 (Weaver)

F. Hancock: History of Minehead, p. 187

John Ketenore held 54 acres at Hindon of the Manor of Minehead. He makes no mention of a wife or children in his will.


1551 John Kitnor Exford

Estate valued at £400

Bequests to:

  • Charities - £3
  • Marian his wife - half the residue
  • Three unnamed children - half the residue, to be divided between them
Extract quoted in Chancery Proceedings C3, 106/99 of 22 Oct 1567: John Kytnor, Clerk, v Marian Kytnor, widow)
1559 Thomas Kyne Cannington

Bequests to:

  • My brother William Kydnor - my best coat and doublet

Other people mentioned:

Walter Kyne
Ric. Hobbs

Extract quoted byA.J. Monday in A&NS Notes and Queries, 1886

Wells Wills 1528-1538 (Weaver)

1583 Roger Kitnor Cutombe

Bequests to:

  • Wilmothe, my wife
  • John and Henry my children

Other people mentioned:

John Chester
Roger Kitnor, cousin
Richard and John Kitnor, nephews

Taunton Wills, I, 6, 248

Extract quoted by A.J. Monday in A & NS Notes and Queries, 1886.

1584 John Kittner Cutcombe

Bequests to:

  • Richard Kitnor
  • The children of Wilmotte Kyttner
  • Henry my brother to be my executor

My body to be buried in the church of Cutcombe

Other people mentioned:

John Chester
Roger Widlake
John Nethercote

Taunton Wills,I, 6, 392

Extract quoted by A.J. Monday in A & NS Notes and Queries, 1886.

1584 Robert Kittnore West Quantoxhead

My body to be buried in the churchyard of West Quantoxhead

Bequests to:

My sons Robert and Peter, and my daughter Agnes

Taunton Wills,I, 6, 377

Extract quoted by A.J. Monday in A & NS Notes and Queries, 1886.

1635 Richard Kidner Aisholt

Bequests include:

  • My daughter Anne Kidner- £150, and in addition silver plate to the value of £7, in trust, to be paid to her on reaching 21, or marriage

Richard Kidner the Elder, [his father], and John Good (or Godde) Senior to be my Executors

Richard of Aisholt's estate, including chattells, etc., was valued at c. £1,000

Extract quoted in Chancery Proc. C8/152/136 dated 28 Nov 1683 (Jasper Woodhouse & Anne Woodhouse nee Kidner vs. John Good(Junior), the son of John Good, Richard's executor)

Richard Kidner the Elder [Anne's grandfather] died in 1639, and John Good Senior in c. 1649. Anne was a child of perhaps 6 years of age when her father died in 1636


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