From Sincapore to China

7th August 1830 to 26th August 1830

NOTE: The spelling is that used by James Smith; some punctuation has been added where it helps the sense - SK

Saturday Aug 7th
At 3h 30m Let go the Small Bower Clewed up the Corsers topsails firled top Galent and Royals at 6 hove up and made Sail with light Airs 3 miles from Sincapore at 8 let go the Anchor in 4 Fathoms Water when the Ship was found to be aground and she would not go of weighed 3 times and the tide caring us in Shore at last a Squall from the westward and making all Sail for about 5 Minutes she went off let go the Anchor in 4¼ Fathoms dist from the Shore 1 Mile at 11 a.m. pipe to breakfast Capt went on shore at 4 p.m. the Portugeas Ship came to Anchor the Jno Bannaman in sight between some of the Islands at 5 all Hands Emp hoisting in Water at 5h 30m the Capt Stores & Men came along side when Mr Turner was ordered to see the boat Clear In not doing so Mr Smith Floged him the Gig returned from the Shore 2 Men having hoved her he was sent on Shore again after the Capt when 3 others left her. At 6 Mr Smith herd Mr Turner talking on the Poop to the Fanado Mr Smith caled Fanado down and had him seaze up and the Sarang gave him 2 doz. After that Mr S. used him in a most Brutal Manner by Floging him and Kicking him. Spliced the Main Braces at 11 the Capt and Doct came on bord and threatened the Midshipman with 2 doz. to Morrow morning, sent him forward to Mess. This place excells in beauty evry place I have yet seen. It is a fine well built Town and has a fine Market it is situated at the waters Edge at the back is a high hill covered with green pasture at the top of the hill is the Flag Staff and Barracks this place is noted for being healthy and fertile bearing all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables the Harbour is but small and is compleatly surrounded with Land. A Stranger to the place & Navigator would have difficulty in getting out on Acct of being so many Islands within a fiew miles of the place and none of them inhabited though very Fertile Sincapore is a Island and its Population is Increasing more than any other Town in India.

Sunday Aug 8
Calm & pleasent Weather at 4h 30m the Jno Bannaman came to Anchor and the Portugeas Ship moved farther in shore at 8 the Stock came on bord. At Noon the Capt went on shore at 2h 30m the Gig was lowered and the 2 Mates went round the Ship to see how her Mast looked at 4 the Capt came on bord to dinner I bought 4 Java Sparrows. The Forth of Calcutta left the Harbour with a Light Wind the 2 Mate of the Bann' came on bord of us & the Capt & Doctor went on bord of her. Hands Emp setting up riging and Stays.

Monday 9th
The Chief Mate bought a Small Turtle the Steward went on shore to Market he bought a piece of Pork for which he paid 8d per lb. 2 China men joined the Ship for China working their passage 2 of the men that run a way was Brought back wood Cleared out of the Long Boat Stowed the Booms and set the Main Riging up. Capt came on bord to Dinner and got evry thing ready for getting under weigh fired a Gun and hoisted the Blue Peter a quantity of Boats with Coral along side the Carpenter putting some moulding over stern got the Joly Boat out and hoisted her up to the Davids at 3h 30 hove up and made all Sail Setting studding sails pased close to the Bannaman and Spoke her she was laying too for the Debates the Capt said he had not paid him our India Man coming in at 8 the Corsaub cut the Buoy from the Anchor and swam on shore as was supposed but he was then 6 Miles from the nearest shore.

Tuesday 10th
At 3 a.m. the Bannaman close along side of us but she went clear of us at daylight Light Breeze and Clear Weather at 10 spoke the Bannaman and asked if our Corsaub was on bord he said no but they lost a Man over bord last Night about 10 o'clock. At Noon the West end of Pedro Blanco bore SW dist about 20 miles at 6 p.m. Pulo Tingy bore North Stearing NNE Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Weather Wind variable Setting Studding sails Acco Carpenter doing sundry jobs Lat 1-19 Long 104-

Wedensday Aug 11th
Wind Variable & squally Weather with heavy rain at 6 a.m. Pulo Aro bore W at noon Pulo Aro in sight the Ban' about 5 Miles Astern having all Studingsail set and we none on Acct of keeping her Comp to wards Evning Light Breeze with heavy Squalls and Rain Stearing NE by N Lat 2-46 Long 105-15.

Thursday 12th
Fine Breeze and Squaly with heavy rain keeping in Sail for the John Bannaman to come up with us this being the Capt birthday great preparations was making for dinner and the Capt and Officers of the Bannaman coming to dine with him. At Noon strong gales with heavy rain all Studding sails at 2h 30m both ships lay too our boat was lowered and fetched the Capt and 2nd Mate on bord to dinner carring fore and Main Topsails and Gibs going before the Wind at 6 both ships lay too and they were taken on bord again blowing very strong Set all studding sails & top Galent sails I assisted in the Cuddy Carpenter & China Men repairing the Long Boat. Lat 4-4 Long 106-21.

Friday 13th
Strong Breezes and Cloudy the Jno Bannaman Astern dist 3 miles all Hands to Wash and Scrub Clothes unbent the Main Topsail and bent the New one Carpenter & China Men Emploid repairing & corking the Long Boat Sun set at 6h 10m Lat 5-32 Long 107-29 dist 126 miles.

Saturday 14th
Strong breezes and cloudy at 3 a.m. heavy squall with heavy rain and strong Lightning at daylight the Jno Bannaman a head dist 3 miles strong breezes and cloudy set all studding sails on both sides Lat at Noon 7-44 Long 108-59 the foot of the Fore Sail hove the Cooks Funnel over bord at 6h 30m all studding sails at 11h 30m strong Gales in top Galent Sails down royal yards and stack the Royal mast hauled up the Corsers closed reafed the Fore Topsail in 2 reafs of the Main Topsl and furled the mizin Topsail at 3 carried away the Main royal yard.

Sunday 15th
Strong breezes and cloudy all hands to make sail at daylight Setting studding sails on the Larbord side the Bannaman abrest of us to leward dist 6 miles and a China Junk on our Larbord bow dist 3 miles at 6 Bells all Hands to muster Carpent making a Royal Yd at 3 came on a sudden heavy squall and was near carrying away the Mast let go the Topsail Halliards and firled top Galent Sails at 5 more moderate made sail being a heavy swell dist 167 miles.

Monday 16th
Strong breezes and heavy squalls setting sail accordingly Lat 11-13N Long 111-45 Stearing NE by N at 6 in 1 reaf of the Topsails I made a covering for my Birds, unbent the mainsail and bent the New one.

Tuesday 17th
Strong breezes and cloudy at 9 a.m. out reafs and set studding sails on the Larbord side at 11 one of the Poop men floged for stealing a lock and Key Lat 13-6 Long 113-15 Stearing NE by N½Ndist 157 miles Bearing of Macclesfield Shoal N 26 East.

Wedensday Aug 18th
Fine Breezes and Clody Wea Long 114-30 Lat 15-21 at 3 Mr Turner not being ready for Dinner was to the Mast Head to look out for Green Water and a flock of birds but he saw a Sail a head supposed to be the Jno Bannaman bearing N by E½ E dist 15 miles alt our corce to N. Shook out the reafs out of the Topsails and made all possible Sail took a cat of the Lead but got no Soundings Carp and China Men mending the Hogs sties the Wheel ropes saved dist 153 miles.

Thursday 19th
Light breezes and cloudy Melvile painting the Long Boat Lat 16-26 Long 114-45 the Sail abrest of us on the starbord side sent up royal Yards and Mast set the Royals Hands Emp scrubing ship in side China men cleaning the Caps Furniture dist 92 miles bearing of the Grand Ladrone N 20 West.

Friday Aug 20th
Light Breezes and Cloudy Weather the Sail on the Lea Beam bearing E by S dist 10 miles all Hands to wash and scrub I got the Hen Coops cleaned Lat 18-0 Long 114-45. Seacurries Painting Ship in side at Evning squaly with rain at Midnight strong Lightning and Clear Weather. dist 99 miles.

Saturday 21st
Fine breeze and pleasent Weather Gunner painting the Guns all Studding sails on the starboard side Lat 19-28 Long 114-15 at Night light airs dist 96.

Sunday 22nd
Fine Breezes and pleasent Wea at 10 all Hands to Muster one man Floged for not being clean Lat 21-0 Long 113-55 at 1h 30m saw a sail to leward dist 30 miles at 2h saw a sail to Windward signalized to her but she did not Answer. At 5 O'clock I saw the land a head in all studding sails and braced up saw about 50 sails a head altered the corce to NW at Night fired Guns Occasionly to keep the Boats of us. We saw several very near to us but spoke none of them.

Monday Aug 23rd
Midnight Fine Breezes and clear Wea in one reaf of the Topsail & firled top Galent Sails at 2 Tacked ship of the land at 4 Tacked on at daylight saw a great quantity of Fishing boats. Fine Breeze & pleasent Weather Saw a great quantity of Islands on our Starbord bows some of them very high and most of them Baren and all laying in a direct line one with another at 6 had a pilot on bord but he did not stop at 7 pased close to a Baren Rock had another Pilot but he did not stop a great quantity of high land in sight a head Corce NW by W at 8 had several other Pilots Alongside the Capt wanted their boat to take him on shore at Maco but none of them would do it and he did not take one. their boats was very large but they were the neatest and handsomest I ever saw. Their sails are made of matting. At 9 pased close to some very high mountains on the Starbord Bow here we saw some Fisher men Fishing the manner in which they Fished was very interesting their net is a very long one it is round and open only at the bottom the Lake is a considerable ways out from the Land and sets it in the water by means of long poles so that these poles stick to the bottom the upper part of the net is then a little above the Surface of the water from these poles their is lines that reaches some dist up the rocks and when they wants to make it up they haul on these lines on Shore and that closes the Net at the Bottom and likewise drags it in shore.

on our Starbord bow dist about 5m was a large Island consisting of a long range of mountains of a great height loosing their tops in the Clouds. Some of them appeared to me to be as near as I could gues, and like wise I heard the Capt say to be about 6000 feet this with the one I mentioned before was one of the most romantic seanes that Ever Mans Eyes could behold the later is an Island were all China Women are put at the death of their Husbands and no men are permitted to land there at the Waters Side is a Town but I know not its Name nor the Name of the Island. Evry moment there is some thing new opning to View we could now just distinquish the Main Land a head which appeared to be very high and a great quantity of large Island of a great height Saw a small sunk rock and tacked ship to get out of its way we lay on that tack ½hr. at 11 had another Pilot on bord and he came to the Capt terms Mr Hennecar went to Maco in the Pilots boat Set all Studding sails on the Larbord side at 1 p.m. pased close to a baren Island saw a ship a head at 3 Square yds and set studding sails on both sides at 3h 30m saw the ships laying in Lankin Harb pased close to a beautiful mountain on the starbord side which from its wightness & height appeared as if they were covered with snow at 4h 30 abrest of a mountain that raised perpendicular from the Waters Edge whose surface was level and covered with Green Grass at the foot was a small bay that stretched into a valey were their was a very small Town caled Lankin though some dist from the Harbour this was more fertile than any I have seen at the foot of the last mentioned was the wreck of a French ship that was Busted on the rock last month and went to pieces but we could see her mast. at 5 we came to in Lankin Roads there was about 25 sails laying here the Bannaman arrived here this morning at 7 the Capt and Mates of the John Bannaman came on bord with the Mate of some other ship. Firled sails and went to supper at 8 O'clock.

Tuesday Aug 24th
Light Airs and pleasent Weather Signalized to Red Rover at 11 stowed the stewards store room took in 20 Cases of Wine and Received on bord 310 Bags of Cloves from the French Ship Several Boats along side with Fruit Capt of the Jno Bannaman came on bord our Capt went on bord of the J.B. she sailed at 3 O'clock p.m. 2 of my birds flew out of the Cage but I caught them again but not without difficulty.

Wedensday 25th
at 1 a.m. Mr Hennecar came on bord with a Pilot got under weigh with a fine fair Wind at 2 made Sail like to have been foul of the French Ship but got Clear at daylight Set Studding Sails lower and aloft saw the Jno Bannaman a head just passing the first forts Saw a Brig beating down the River had another Pilot on bord the other Pilot went on shore to get a pass before we were permitted to pass the Forts here we had some beautiful Seanery on booth sides on the Starbord Side was some beautiful green mountains at the foot of them was some large Caves in the Valey between the Mountains was Rice Fields which had a beautiful Green Appearance here we let go the Anchor the tide being against us, a little, farther on was a Fleet of China Men of War and amence Number of Boats at 11 hove up and made sail Set Studding on the Starbord side 11h 30m abrest of a large Fort that lay at the foot of a high mountain and enclosed by a wall a considerable ways up the Mountain abrest of was a beautiful little Island on it was a fort having a pretty appearence this fort not long since was destroid by an English Man of War she would not stop for a pass and they Immediately fired at her she fired a Broadside at it and knocked it to Attoms but it is now newly built and it has a pretty appearance ½ mile farther on is the Entrance of the River Tigriss about 1 mile up the river is a large Town laying in a valey on the other side of the river was a tremendous high mountain having a singular and Grand appearence raising perpendicular in several parts it being a large Island and consisting of Several Valeys looking very fertile here we were so close to it that we could have jumped on shore we saw people Harvesting rice which appeared very homely to me these Mountains are Caled the Tigress Mountains from their being situated at the Mouth of that river a little farther on from the rice fields was a Fort situated at the Waters Edge and Enclosed by a Wall a considerable ways up here was several riverlets running from the Mountain at 3h 30m had a heavy sqaull took in all sail with heavy rain at 5 came to Anchor clewed up all sail here we had beautiful Valeys on both sides dis across ¾ of a mile on the Starbord side was low land extending some dist in Land consisting of rice fields and here and there a Small Town on the other side was the same and several inlets that runs a considerable ways up the Country this side the Towns were more Numerous and some of them very large a head was Sincombar appearently very strongly fortified.

Thursday Aug 26th
Calm and pleasent Weather but Very Hot. At 1h 30m got under Weigh with the Flood Tide but no Wind. Down Jolly Boat and Gig to tow the Ship. At 3 the Ship in 3 fathoms Water but got safe over it. Here there was 2 rivers booth leading to Canton one running SW the other SE and a head was some beautiful Green Rice Fields on an equal leval and father on the Starbord bow was a large and beautiful Town Caled Sincombar laying in a beautiful Plain. On the Larbord Bow there was a high hill projecting some dist out in the river on the top of it was a Castle and Chinease Pinacle of Great height and beautiful constructure. The Foot of the Hill was surrounded by a Fort; at the Waters Edge the Jno Bannaman was a head of us under her topsails. She came to Anchor about 1 hour before us. Here the river was very Narrow and on booth sides of us was beautiful seanery consisting of low Mashey land at a little dist in Land is high mountains this part appeared to be very populous being a quantity of Plantations and the Towns being very thick here were several Chineas Pinacles of great height like wise seven small rivers some of them running several miles up the Country at 5 saw the Ships laying in Wampole reach at 7 Brought up and got foul of a large ship Caled the Longy Family we were obliged to unship the Spanker Boom and cut a way some of our ropes likewise a Cask that was barging under her Bows but with some trouble she went Clear firled Sails and went to supper at 9 lifted the Anchor up of the Ground and let her drop astern. There is a great many Large Bombay Ships here and several small ships but no Company Ships there being a disturbance in China so that they are not aloud to come up the river they being all detained at Maco I believe there is about 20 there. From the Entrance of the river at Wampole Reach is certainly a beautiful place and I think if ever there was a paradise this is one.

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