A list of Passengers on bord the ship Sesostris.
A. Yeats, Esq., Commander from England to the Cape of Good Hope and India 1829 and 30.

Passengers for the Cape

  1. Mr Harris
  2. Mrs Harris
  3. Mr J. Phillips
  4. Mr Phillips
  5. Mr Amyall
  6. Mr Alvurley
  7. Miss Banks
  8. Master Cater
  9. Jno. Lane
  10. Mrs Lane
  11. 4 children

    For Celon

  12. Mr Cameron
  13. Mr Kean

    For Bombay

  14. Mr Wade
  15. Capt. Sandwitch
  16. Miss Pollexfen
  17. Miss Louisa ditto
  18. Mr Liss
  19. Mr Flyn

    For Madeira

  20. Mr Blandy
  21. Mr Blandy jun.

    From the Cape

  22. Mr Smaley
  23. Servant

    4 Native passengers to Bombay

  24. John Lewes
  25. Lewis Antonie
  26. Jno Martin
  27. Denis Caton


The Blandys of Madeira

The Blandy family had been established in Madeira since 1809, the family firm being founded in 1811. The Mr. Blandy referred to in the passenger list was John Blandy, born in 1783, married 1810, died 1855, and originally a farmer from Piddletrenthide in Dorset, who went out to Madeira when the island was garrisoned by British troops during the Napoleonic campaign. He served as a quartermaster.

Mr. Blandy jun. must have been one of his sons: Charles Ridpath Blandy (1812-1879); Alfred Blandy (1822 - 1883); or Frederic Blandy (1824-1896).

In 1828 Don Miguel had seized the Portuguese throne. Madeira, however, had remained loyal to the Emperor Pedro of Brazil, who was Don Miguel's elder brother and heir to the throne. In the same year, a fleet manned by Miguelite forces sailed from Lisbon and after a certain confusion took command of the island. It may be that John Blandy had resolved to visit England after this invasion to reassure his family. He and his son had probably embarked at Portsmouth.

Source: private correspondence with Richard Blandy in 1984.

C.H. Cameron, passenger to Ceylon

Charles Hay Cameron (1795-1880), a barrister, was appointed with a Colonel Colebrook to the Commission of Inquiry on judicial establishments and procedure in Ceylon, the report of which was published at the end of January 1832.

In 1838 he married Julia Margaret Pattle, the photographer who came to be known as Julia Margaret Cameron. The photograph above of Charles Cameron was taken by Julia in 1864.
Source: Julia Margaret Cameron, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Misses Pollexfen, passengers to Bombay

These two women were surely related to John Pollexfen (1793-1828), who had been the Chief Shipwright at Bombay until his death in 1828?
I've learnt that Pollexfen is pronounced 'Poulston'.

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