Some contemporary maps

The four maps reproduced below are all by Thomas Starling, and were published between 1830 and 1831.
Southern Africa - January 1st 1831
Hindoostan - December 1st 1830
East India Islands - January 1st 1831
Chinese Empire and Japan - July 1st 1830

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The Laccadive Islands, renamed Lakshadweep in 1973, are located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Kerala.... The principal submerged banks lie north of the northern group of islands; they are Munyal, Coradlive and Sesostris, and are of greater extent than those on which the islands lie. The general depth over these is from 23 to 28 fathoms, but Sesostris has shallower soundings “indicating patches growing up, and some traces of a rim” (J. S. Gardiner).

1911 Encyclopedia

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