From London to the Cape of good Hope

1st October 1829 - 6th January 1830

NOTE: The spelling is that used by James Smith; some punctuation has been added where it helps the sense - SK

Friday Oct 1st 1829
Leaved the City Canall at 2 o'clock A.M. and mored at Blackwall Boy at 6 o'clock a very wet afternoon

Saturday 2nd
3 o'clock a.m. left the buoy made sail and proceeded to Purfleet and anchored at 6 o'clock. wet day with a high wind.

Sunday 3
7 o'clock p.m. Weighed and proceeded for Gravesend lay to for the boat left the Customhouse officers proceded into the Chanel with a brisk wind pasing Southend Sou light and Shereness and went on to Margate. Anchored in the roads.

Monday 4th
Blew a heavy gale. Weighed at 2 o'clock and proceeded on to the Downs opposite deal. Anchored at 7 o'clock.

Wednesday Oct 6th
12 o'clock noon. Weighed and proceded for Portsmouth pasing Dover Aisle of Wight and Shiewburyness were it was very roughf and squaly we reached Portsmouth at 9 o'clock p.m. on Thursday 7th.

Friday 8
Took in stock and other stores had a letter from jno Nash.

Saturday 9
Had a letter from my brother and Mr Leaver received one from Mr Shilliby wich he showed to me. all passengers on bord at 9 o'clock p.m. The Capt intended to go to sea but could not.

Sunday 10
Left Portsmouth at 12 o'clock p.m. Wind from the Westward. Had very rough weather for 4 or 5 days.

Sunday Oct 15th
Spoke 2 ships at 4 o'clock p.m. Spoke a schooner going to Plymouth from North America.

Monday 16
A boat came alongside with fish of Silly but few were purchased.

Tuesday 17
Saw the Islands of Cilly and took our farewell of English land for some time. Pased a curious dutch ship.

Oct 29
Pased port Santo at 9 o'clock A.M. and saw Maderia. Saw some fire rocks from some part of the Island. The Capt fired a shot on shore.

Oct 30
Anchored at 5 a.m. fowll of a Portugeas Man of War attempted to weigh the Anchor again and by some mismanagement they let go the Anchor again. very fine weather though rather hot the sight of the Island I shall never forget when I saw it in the morning. Had considerable difficulty in getting the Anchor afor 4 days following we left it on the 7 of Nov. and had a high breze out. We were hewed a considerable distance by boats of Mr Blandy late Passenger.

Wedensday Nov 18
Stearing SE½S . Wind variable. Altitude 61-20 Latitude 9-13N Longitude 25° 10 min at 10 a.m. I was sitting under the fore Castle dressing poultry when all of a sudden I felt the ship on her beam ends. I got from underneath as fast as I could but before I could get up I heard a crash as if the mast was gone. I looked up and found my suspicions to be too true. I found that the fore top galent mast Royal and Skysel mast was gone, main top mast top galent mast Royal and Skysel mast with their yards the greater part of the mast was in 2 or 3 pieces, all hands employed clearing the wreck and cutting away the riging. Just after this accident it became a calm but continual rain and dreadful lightning all the sails we could set these was Main & fore sails mizen topsail Spanker main and fore Tryels fore staysel and the main staysel for a gib. All hands employed till late at night.

Thursday 19th
This morning early the Carpenter was busy emploid in getting other mast ready. Likewise had some of the passengers and Capt helping of him.

Friday Nov 20th
Hands employed busily in getting the riging ready got the main top mast up Topsail yard and set the topsail at 6 o'clock p.m.

Saturday 21st
Hands employed variously about the rigin. All hands till 8 o'clock.

Sunday 22nd
All hands to muster at 4 bells. Hoisted the larboard pump out to get the break out but could not. Went to supper at 7 o'clock. Squaly with rain.

Monday 23rd
Hands emploid as required. Caled the watch at 6 o'clock and sent up the main top galent mast and set the sail. Fine weather but light winds.

Tuesday 24th
All hands emploid in sending up the fore top mast and setting up the after rigging.

Wednesday 25th
Sent up the fore top sail yard and set the sail, bent the Gib and fore top mast Staysail sent the fore top galent mast and yard up and set the sail, set the top mast and top galent riging up, set the main top mast stays up, sent the mizen top galent mast & yard up & set the sail. Went to supper at 7 o'clock p.m. Squaly with rain and thunder. 2 sails in sight. Spoke the Mary of Liverpool, she left on 16th Oct all well going to Bounus Aries we Stearing SE ½S, wind variable.

Thursday 26th
All hands emploid getting the main Royal mast and yard up and set the sail. The Mary in Company.

Friday 27th November
All hands wash and scrub clothes. Got the fore Royal Mast & Yards up, set the sail. Latit. 6-10N Long. 20-30W. Mary in comp.

Saturday 28th
The Watch sent the Mizen Royal Mast and yard up and set the sail. Lat. 5-49N Long 20-22W.

Sunday 29th
All hands to muster at 4 bells. Capt Yates performed divine service at 5 bells at noon Squaly with rain. Mary in company.

Thursday 3rd Dec
Fresh Breazes from the SSE. Carrying all sail. The Mary in Company. Lat 1-3-2min N Long 23-59W Lying SW Squaly at times.

Friday Decr 4
Fresh Brezes from the SE. Lat at noon 32 miles N of the line. Had a small visit from Nept 7 O'clock. Had about 1½ hours sport at throwing Water out of the tops and a promise of another visit from him to Morrow at 9 O'clock.

Saturday 5th
The usual ceremony of crosing the line was performed on bord by the men when all who had not crosed before was shaved and it was altogether a pleasant day till towards the evening when a quarel ensued the commencement of it was this Charles Grant A.B. was sitting on the forehatches singing. The Capt sent Mr Dresser Midshipman forward to tell him if he could not sing a better song then that to hold his tongue; he told him to tell the Capt that he would not hold his tongue, with that the Capt came forward and told him if he did not do as he had ordered him he would flog him, he told the Capt that he would not, the Capt and Grant stood talking for some time and the Capt colered him and with the help of two mates got him aft to put him in irons when a scufle ensued and E. Davis went and struck the Capt and told him he was going to bounce him. immediately J. Hamilton and J. Anderson Baker interfeared and they were all put in irons but were soon released on acct of the rest of the Ships Comp leaving their duty but they told the Capt that they did not want to be released.

Sunday 6
All hands to muster at 4 bells. Capt Yates performed divine service at 5 bells. Lat at noon 3-37S.

Thursday 10
Weather more moderate at 5 o'clock all reafs and set Royals and Flying Gib fore topmast top galant and lower Studing sails. Lat at noon 15-49S Stearing S. set Skysels.

Saturday 12th
Moderate breaze and fine weather. At noon the Island of Trinadad bore west, the Island of Martin Vase bore SE Dist 2 miles pased between Martin Vase and a high Rock on passing between them the Capt fired a gun and an immense quantity of birds was seen pasing between both rocks it was a beautiful sight and to see so many birds but no other inhabitants, Studing sail both sides SE by S wind NW Hands set up the fore riging.

Sunday 13th
Pleasent Weather all Sail set Wind shifted round to the south in all studing sails lying SE by E in Skysails. Mustered at 7 Bells Lat at noon 22-2 Alt 88-44.

Monday 14th
Light breazes and cloudy Weather. Stearing SW by S. Hands emploid scraping and painting ship.

Tuesday 15
Light breazes and clear weather. Tacked ship at 8 o'clock. Hands emp painting ship. Lat at noon 23-8S.

Wedensday 16
Light breazes and fine weather. Hands Emp[loid] scraping Booms and painting the stearn. Lat 24-27.

Saturday 19
Fresh breazes and cloudy weather. Stearing SE½E Wind SW Lat 29-53 south Long 21W bent new main Topsail.

Sunday 20th
Fresh breazes and fine weather. At 11 p.m. tacked ship Lat 30-32 Long 20-30W. Stearing SSW Wind SE Corse S. Distance from the Cape 1990 miles.

Tuesday 22
Strong breazes and fine weather. Stearing E by S Wind NNE set fore topmast stud. sail Lat at noon 33-10 S Long 16-40.

Thursday 24th
Fine pleasent weather all sails set Skysels. Stearing E by S½S Wind North Lat 33-39S Long 9-45W.

Friday 25th
Fine pleasent weather all sails set Wind W. Stearing E by S½S Latitude 33S Longitude 6-35W. This day I was very comfortable, I spent as pleasent a Christmas Day as ever I did in my life. We had fresh mutton and good plumb pudding in abundance and a plenty of Grog and everyone was comfortable. at 8 p.m. Mr Jones 3 Officer went to relieve the Watch and Mr Leaver told him that he was not fit to relieve him and attempted to push him of the Poop but he Mr Jones told him that he would go down if he would leave him. Just as he attempted to go Mr Leaver pushed him down and sent him forward. The passengers amused themselves with a play in the evening

Saturday 26
Fine pleasent weather all sail set. Stearing E by S¾S Wind NNW Muster at 4 Bells, prayers at 5, Lat 34-2 South Long 0,5 East. Corse to the Cape S 88-42E Distance 925 miles.

Monday 28
Light breaze and pleasent weather. Stearing SSE Wind NW Long 2-57E

Wednesday 30th Dec
Light Airs and fine Weather, all sails set. Studing sail on both sides. Stear SE by E½E. Wind from W to NW. Lat 32-34 South Long 7-45 East.

Thursday 31st
Light Airs and fine Weather, all possible sail set. Lat at noon 34-34 Long 9-55 South. Distance from the Cape 429 miles. Stearing SE by E½E Wind NW. This day being the last of the old Year in the evening the Passengers and men amused themselves in seeing the Old Year out and the New one in. The Bell was unshiped and taken off and all most evry one of the Men enjoyed themselves in the best Manner they could and I believe every one as well as my self spent a pleasent Evning.

Friday January 1st 1830
Light breazes and fine weather. All sail set, Skysails in at night. At 2h 15" p.m. the Longitude by Lunar Obs 10-5'40" Lat at noon 34-3'8 S.

Saturday 2nd
First part strong breazes and Cloudy, later part strong Gales and Cloudy, in Skysails and Royals at 3 p.m. Reafed the Topsails at 9 in 2 reafs at 11h 30 p.m. down Royal yards and housed the Royal Masts. Lat at noon 34-25'S. Stearing E by S½S Making 2 points leaway. Wind South.

Sunday 3rd
Fresh gales and cloudy. Mustered at 4 Bells. Lat at noon 33-15 Long 15-25 E Stearing E by S½S Wind south.

Monday 4th
Rather more Moderate but blowing fresh at 2 p.m. wore ship at 8 a.m. wore ship to the SE out one reaf of the topsails and set the Gib and topgalentsails. Lat 33-32 S.

Wedensday 6 Jany
At 4 a.m. the Cape of Good Hope in sight at 6 a.m. light airs, a fine view of the land at the distance we were from it at 8 the breaze freshned and we had a fine run in having a beautiful view of the land as we were passing it. We came to Anchor at 11 a.m. Sent Royal Yards down. Passengers and Cap went on shore.

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