Cargo of the Sesostris

Some cargo from a previous voyage of Sesostris

Newspaper notices for cargo imported on Sesostris, 1825
Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 7th June 1825

Discharged at Whampoa

Commodity Comment
Cotton loaded at Bombay, although on arrival at Whampoa much of it damaged
through water and unable to be weighed
Cloves the unopened flower buds fom the evergreen Caryophyllus aromaticus found
in the Moluccas and highly prized, asnow, as a spice and food preservative

Taken on board at Whampoa

Commodity Comment
Aniseed 50 cases taken on board 25th October; unspecified no. taken in on 9th November; 244 chests on 15th November
Blinds Unspecified no. taken on board 9th November
Cassia Buds used as a laxative. 160 chests taken board on 15th November; Cassia Oil loaded 21st November.
China Paintings Loaded 27th November
China Ware Porcelain; often used as ballast; loaded 27th November
Counters Loaded 9th November
Fish Loaded 9th November
Funles Funnels
Gamboge a partially transparent deep saffron to mustard yellow pigment. Loaded 9th November
Ivory Ware
Lacquered Ware
Nankins a hard-wearing buff-coloured cotton fabric
Paper Leaf Fans
Pickled Ginger
Raw Silk
Rhubarb Used medicinally
Rice Paintings presumably paintings on rice paper
Silk Crepe
Smuggled Goods Loaded 6th November
Tortoise Shell
Vermillion a brilliant red or scarlet pigment made from the powdered mineral cinnabar; loaded 9th November

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