From Bombay towards Sincapore

4th July 1830 to 7th August 1830

NOTE: The spelling is that used by James Smith; some punctuation has been added where it helps the sense - SK

Left Bombay Sunday July 4th.

Left the middle Ground with a strong Breaze and Continual rain. Anchored abrest of the lighthouse at 2 O'clock.

Monday 5th
Strong breazes and Cloudy with heavy rain. at 10 a.m. the Pilot came on bord got under Weigh and beat out side of the lighthouse Buoy. Let go the Anchor but got it again immediately. Pilot left us at 4 p.m. and we came to Anchor soon afterwards saw the Othello to leward of us at Anchor. At 11 O'clock p.m. got under weigh and made all Sail.

Tuesday 6th
Squaly with heavy rain. Brought up at 7 O'clock a.m. J Henery & Kenery bearing SE dist 8 miles. At 11 a.m. hove up and made all sail with a fair wind & a heavy sea running. Ship going 5 knots. The John Bannahaman in company to leward of us.

Wedensday 7th
Fine breaze and fine weather Wind fair all Studdingsails on the Larbord side Ship going 6 knots. The Banaman about the same dist as last Night 3 other ships in sight. At 5 a.m. the ship found to be more leakey than usual having 5 feet of Water in her all Hands emploid till 11 O'clock a.m. at both Pumps pumping her out at 11h 30m the Banaman led of us and one of the other ships the Caladonia abrest of us dist 1 mile on account of her being Obliged to take top Galent Sails of her to pump her out. At Noon all Hands emploid at the pumps all sail put on ship. At 4 O'clock p.m. the Othello came up astern fast, at 6 O'clock she was abrest of us and the Capt spoke her. Set all possible sail to prevent her passing us but all to no purpose she went a head of us.

Thursday July 8th
Strong breaze and fine weather. Ship going 6 knots the Othello about 15 miles a head of us, the Sircas Lion about 15 Miles to leward of us no other Ship in sight. Hands Emploid pumping Ship every 2 hours. Lat at Noon 15-1. Ship going 9 knots. Got the Cabels on the Starbord side to keep the ship up right.

Friday 9th
Strong breazes and cloudy with rain. Ship going 6 knots, wind fair Lat at Noon 13-1 at 5 wind shifted to NNW at 10 it shifted to SW. Stearing SSE Ship going 10 knots.

Saturday 10th
Strong breaze and fine Weather. Carrying all studding sails on the starbord side. Lat at Noon 8-55 at 4 p.m. the Cloathes of the late European Crew was sold by Auction on the quarter deck and what was not sold was given to the Lascars.

Sunday July 11th
Strong breazes and fine weather. Ship before the Wind. abrest of Celon saw the Island dist 30 miles. Muster at 4 Bells saw the Stewards Onions put with Baskets. at 7 p.m. some of the Lascars drild on the quarterdeck. Mr Dresser floged for not knowing the Compass the Cat put before him on the Cudy Table and threatened to be floged in one hour if he did not know it. Lat at Noon 7-35 N.

Monday 12th
Fine breeze and Clear Weather. Went aft of Pint de Galle land in sight, all Hands Emp in sending up Royal Mast and Yards. Noon the Midshipmen floged on the Poop for not doing their days work. Lat 5-34. Killed a sheep Weighed 111&

Tuesday 13th
Fine breaze and pleasent weather. Went aft at 8 a.m. 4 Lascars floged. Hands emp in unbending Sails and bending the 2 set. Lat at Noon 4-7. Stearing E. at 4 p.m. had a shower of rain. at 8 saw a quantity of Porpoises about the Bows. Venus bearing E. by S. Long 78-51. Crosed the Ships track wheir she was proceding to Pint de Galle from England.

Wedensday 14th
Fine Breaze and pleasent weather. Ship going 6 knots. Hands Emp bend Royals and Royal Studdingsails a ship in sight 'stern supposed to be the Abercrombie Robinson from Bombay. Lat at Noon 5-37. Made some tooth powder for Mr Smith. put my sheep troths in good order.

Thursday 15
Fine Breaze and pleasent Weather. lost sight of the ship astern. Lat at Noon 5-46. Washed the Sheep and shore 12 of them at 7 p.m. The Steward Laker ill. Long 84-16. Course South 85-40E Bearing of Acheen Head Kings Point East dist 666 miles.

Friday July 16th
Fine Breaze and pleasent Weather. Wind aft at 8 all Hands to wash and Scrub Clothes one man floged for not Washing his Clothes. at 2 p.m. one of the Clashes was put to cary a Capswin bar up and down the deck for punishment. Mr Smith taken ill. Carpenter repairing the Gig. Ship lying E. Lat 5-52 Long 87-75.

Saturday 17th
Strong breazes and squaly setting and taking in sail accordingly. at 4 p.m. it appeared more squaly than this Morning and about 7 O'clock we was taken with it accompanied with rain & carried away our Main top Galent Studdingsail Boom on the starbord side. Lat at Noon 5-49 long 90 Stearing E a ship in sight to leward distance about 10 miles.

Sunday 18th
Strong breazes and squaly. A ship in sight to windward dist about 10 miles at 9 p.m. the Capt caled me on the quarter deck to know the reason that I did not cut the Mutton Chops longer. Ship bore SE at Noon she hove to bearing ESE. Lat at Noon 6-0 Stearing E. at 5 p.m. spoke the ship John Bannaman his Long 93-40 ours 91-20 at Noon. She left Bombay the same day as we did and since that she as scarcely been out of our sight some times she has been a longways to lewar and sometimes to Windward.

Monday 19
Strong Breazes and Cloudy. Carying all possible Sail. The Bannaman bear E½N Stearing due E dist 4 miles. Lat 6-10 Long 95. Exchanged signals with the Bannaman.

Respecting Long at 4 p.m. made Pulo Rondo bearing E by S Ships Corce E. Exchanged signals with the Ship saying that the land was in sight. She had gained 8 miles on us. Carpenter sheakling the Chains at 6 p.m. Melvile being asleep below Mr Smith had Mr Turner to call him he not coming up Immediately he was sent again and just as he had got to the hatchway he was asking for his hat when Mr Smith came of the Poop Kicked him 4 or 5 times he then knocked him down and kicked him about the body and head Melvile then went on the Poop and as he was going up the Ladder Mr Smith then began to ropes end him and ordered him aft. The Capt was then asleep on the Hen coop and when he awoke Mr Smith reported him to him. He was then caled the Capt said why did you not come up when you was caled he said that he was not properly awoke when Mr Turner caled him first the Capt said that he ought to have known that it was his Wheal and there was no excuse for him he then ordered him to be put in Irons the Carpenter then put him in Irons on the Poop.

Tuesday 20th
Fresh breazes and Cloudy carring all sail at 6 a.m. Pulo Rondo bearing E dist 5 miles the ship bore WNW dist 5 miles ships Corse E at 10 a.m. Melvile released, abrest of some high land shore SE by E the Jno Bannaman coming up astern fast. Lat 6-9 Long 90-49 Dist 157 miles.

Wedensday July 21st
Light airs and squaly the Jno Bannaman a head dist 4 miles Lat 6-20 Long at noon 97-18. Sent Royal and Skysails Mast up at 3 p.m. a great quantity of fish alongside with a quantity of Wood and Rubish at 6 very squaly had some conversat with the Carpenter about Mr & Mrs Ives. At 10 a very singular reflection of Lightning on the Orizon which appeared as if their was a fire on the Water, at 11 Vivid Lightning and squaly.

Thursday 22nd
Light airs and squaly, abrest of the Jno Bannaman 2 Vessels in sight one a Brig without her main top Mast bearing W by N & a large schooner bearing W by S. at the boat was lowered to catch some fish around the trunk of a tree but did not catch any. Pulo Peare in sight at Noon bore ESE at 6 p.m. Calm Lansa head dist 15 Miles the Jno Bannaman a long ways to leward of us Lat 6-26 Long 98-15.

Friday 23rd
At daylight Calm and pleasent Weat a Ship on the starbord bow dist 2 miles supposed to be the Jno Bannaman but on Examination she was found to be an India Man and the Jno Bannaman to leward of the Land at 10 a.m. it appeared rather squaly in top Galent Sails & Royals and all of a sudden it came on to rain and blow harder than ever I Experienced it before let go the topsails Halliards and hauled up the Coursers about ½ an hour it was more moderate in 1 reaf of the topsails set top Galent Sails Royal Skysails top Galent & royal Studdingsails all hand to Wash and scrub Clothes the Midshipmen was ordered to scrub their own.
At Noon Pulo Perla bearing E by S and the highest mountain of Prince of Wales Island bearing E by S½S at 4 p.m. Calm and fine Weather the John Bannaman on our Larbord bow dist 9 miles and the Indiaman a head distance 5 miles and the Schooner supposed to be a Pirate on our starbord bow put the Gig over the quarter hoisted the Insen as a signal to the shore. Vivid lightning and pleasent evening Lat 6-14 Long 98-30 dist 19 miles.

Saturday 24th
Calm and fine Weather about the same distance from the Land as last night Lost sight of the 2 ships the Schooner about the same dist as last night but rather more to the North at noon squaly but not a breth of wind at 4 p.m. 2 of the Main top men got 2 doz. Lat 6-27 North at 6 the Jno Bannaman hove in sight at 6 calm and fine Evening at 6-30 I observed the beautiful setting of the Sun which was one of the beautifullest sights I ever beheld its reflection on the Orizon was beautiful at 10h 46m squaly appearance with strong Lightning Thunder and heavy rains 2 reafs of the Topsails in top Galent Sails and Royals. Dist 4 miles.

Sunday 25th
Strong Chain Lightning which was beautiful such as I never beheld before. Calm and fine Weather the Jno Bannaman bearing NNE dist 5 miles Mustered at 4 Bells at 4 a.m. a man put on the Capstain with a bar on his shoulder for punishment. at 10 a.m. a light Breaze sprung up from the Eastward. Lat at Noon 5-55 Long 99 towards Evning the Breeze freshened and it appeared a little squaly. The flags hoisted to dry at 2 p.m. I saw a Chinease boat nearly sunk. Pulo Perla bear W by W.

Monday July 26th
Calm and fine Weather Lat at Noon 5-1 Long 99-17 at Evning Light Winds vearing from E to North Setting Studdingsails and Skysails Accord(ingly) dist 38 miles.

Tuesday 27th
At 1h 13m discovered a Malay Pro under our Bows the Capt fired a Pistol and put a Lanthorn on the Forecastle & they immediately showed their light the Capt and Mate said she was a Malay Pirate they hailed her and they said they were going to Pulo Franar or Prince of Wales Island which lay due North and she was stearing east as soon as she got astern of us they doushed her Sails and lay too. The Capt as well as ev'ry one on bord was very much frightened the Arms was got up but she never attempted to molest us. At Daylight Pulo Panary bearing NNE and 3 Proes laying at Anchor to leward bearing SW at 8 a.m. they made sail coming up astern they was supposed to be Pirates all belonging to one gang and one of them that we spoke last Night. At 9 strong Breeze and Cloudy in 2 reafs of the Topsails a Ship in sight supposed to be the Jno Bannaman bearing North at 9h 30 up all fire Arms cleared and put everything in good order cleaned the great Guns and fired a round with Shot in them. Lat at Noon 4-55 the third Tindal caled to an Acct for cutting our Ancors adrift. Calm and pleasent weather Hands Emploid Scrubbing ship. At 6h 25m I obs one of the beautifulest sunsets I ever beheld & strong lightning which had a beautiful appearance. Mr Dresser stood on the Capsin for punishment. The Capt shot at a Booby in the Gig. Lat 4-33 Long 100E dist 47 miles.

Wedensday 28th
Strong Lightning light airs and cloudy the Jno Bannaman a hed dist 2 miles at Noon Breeze freshning Tacked ship. Pulo Dinging in sight on the starbord bow. I cleaned the Pistols and hung them in our Birth. Lat 4-14 North. I staid up till 11 O'clock looking at the Lightning which was very strong and had a beautiful affect on the Ship to Windward of us. At Midnight a heavy squal with heavy rain Long 100-10 dist 28 miles.

Thursday 29
Light Breezes and cloudy with strong Lightning the Jno Bannaman a hed dist 1 mile at 9 a.m. in all studdingsails pulo Java bearing SW dist 3 miles Long at noon 100-17 at 2 p.m. saw a Malay Pro a hed and pased her on the Starbord bow the Capt got evry thing Clear for Action and loaded the Guns but she took no notice of us. Seacurries and me emploid painting ship. at evning light airs and fine Weather with strong Lightning at 11 p.m. a heavy squal with rain lowered all sail Lat 3-42 dist 65 miles.

Friday 30
Light breezes and cloudy at daylight the Jno Bannaman a head dist ½ mile at 7 a.m. in all studding sails the Jno Bannaman on the Larbord Bow Saw a wale close to the ship and a thresher at Noon light breezes and clear Weather lowered the Gig the Capt and Mate went round the Ship North Rock bore S by E Round Anoc bore SE by S dist 8 miles these Islands had a singular appearance at a dist looking so much like a quantity of trees which no one would have known the difference from a distance at Evning vivid Lightning and Clear Weather Lat 3-7 Long 100-59 dist 56 miles.

Saturday July 31st
Light Breeze and pleasent Weather. Parslow Hill bearing E½S at 7 O'clock pased close to the end of the 2 fathom Bank in 10 fathoms Water at Noon dist from the land 6 miles which had a beautiful appearance being low and fertile land stretching along the Sea Shore on an equal leval for many miles a fiew miles inland is some Lofty Mountains which makes it have a grand appearance at 3 p.m. saw a Brig laying at Anchor bearing SE at 3h 30m saw a small Barque at 6 p.m. spoke her she was the Bridge 6 days from Sincapore and bound for Calcutta. Saw the land of Summatra on the starbord side of us which appeared to be very low and fertile. at 8 light Breeze and pleasent Weather. dist 61 miles.

Sunday Aug 1st
Light Airs and pleasent Weather Musterd at 6 Bells at Noon abrest of some Land dist from Malaca 30 miles Saw 2 Proes in shore one laying at Anchor and the other under Sail Land on both sides of us dist from Shore to Shore 25 miles at Evning light airs and pleasent Weather with Vivid Lightning Mr Turner sent to the Masthead and staid all night. Lat 2-23 Long 102-35 E dist 49.

Monday Aug 2nd
Fine Breeze and pleasent Weather Land close a bord on both sides at daylight saw some very high land on the Starbord Side tacking Ship of and on at Noon Malacca Light House bore E by N Ship laying E Fishers Island bore E by S Water Island & 5 Islands caled the 5 Brothers bore E½S dist from Malacca 8 miles at 2h 30m a boat from Malacca came along Side to know the Ships Name and brought with them some fruit caled Merigastiens & another caled Leaches at 3 she left us distance from the town 2 Miles Tacked. We had a a fine view of the Town which is situated at the foot of a hill and is surrounded by beautiful Woods which give it a pretty appearence it is a small well built Town at a fiew miles at the back is some very lofty mountains reaching into the Clouds and some of them had a singular appearence at 4 O'clock a Portugeas Ship left the Harbour at 6 had another Boat of with fruit Canes Honey and a quantity of Elephants Teeth some of them weighing 28lb each at 8 p.m. strong breezes and fine Weather. Tacking ship of and on the Jno Bannaman about 10 miles astern. I made some Dog Vanes. Lat 2-8 Long 102-10 dist 39 miles.

Tuesday August 3rd
At Midnight pased close to the Portugeas ship but did not speak her. At daylight strong breezes and cloudy dist from Malacca 20 miles. Land on the Larbord side very low along the Sea side but farther in land very high mountains some of them having singular appearence Land on the Starbord side low at Noon Alt 74-1 Saw the Jno Bannaman 20 miles astern and the Portugeas ship about 5 miles Tacking ship occasionaly. Difference of time between London and here 7 hours Melvile making a pair of Man Ropes Carpenter repairing Jolly Boat at 6 Tacked Ship being very near to the Coast of Sumatra at 6h 30m let go the Kedge Anchor and clewed up all sail. Tide running 5 knots. Lat 1-54 Long 102-32 dist 59 miles.

Wedensday 4
Got under weigh at 4 a.m. with a light breeze and Cloudy weather at Daylight the Portugeas Ship astern dist 20 miles no other sail in sight. Land on both sides at 6 weighed Anchor at 8 in top Galent Sails and one reaf of the topsails tacking ship Lat 1-42 Long 102-51 dist 38 miles.

Thursday 5
Strong breezes and cloudy at 4 a.m. Company Ship Little Cameron bearing N by E at Noon laying in 1-9 Lat & Long 103-25 Tacked ship Some high land a head at 4 p.m. Gig lowered the Capt Mate Doctor and others went on shore shooting and returning about 9 and got under Weigh at 11 p.m. stood very close to the land a head tacked ship.

Friday 6th
Strong breeze and cloudy with heavy rain at 6 the Capt and Mate looking for tree Island but could not find it on acct of the Weather being thick and hazy at 9 tacked ship Lat at Noon 1-9 North Long 103-33 bearing of the Black Rock E 15 miles. 2 boats of the shore one with Fish and another for dispatches at 2h 30 set starbord studding sails 4 Main top men floged for not setting them properly & the Cook floged for sending bad coffee in the Cuddy at 4 His M Brig .........[sic] spoke us bound to pulo panang from Sincapore pased Pedro Banco at 7h 30 let go the Kedge in 21 Fathoms Water the Hawser parted from the Kedge made sail immediately leaving the part of the Hawser 18 fathoms of Buoy Rope Kedge and Long Boat Anchor Light Airs and clear Weather noticed the beautiful Rising of the Moon. Wash and scrub Clothes all Hands. Dist 18 miles.

Saturday Aug 7th
At 3h 30m Let go the Small Bower Clewed up the Corsers topsails firled top Galent and Royals at 6 hove up and made Sail with light Airs 3 miles from Sincapore at 8 let go the Anchor in 4 Fathoms Water when the Ship was found to be aground and she would not go of weighed 3 times and the tide caring us in Shore at last a Squall from the westward and making all Sail for about 5 Minutes she went off let go the Anchor in 4¼ Fathoms dist from the Shore 1 Mile at 11 a.m. pipe to breakfast Capt went on shore at 4 p.m. the Portugeas Ship came to Anchor the Jno Bannaman in sight between some of the Islands at 5 all Hands Emp hoisting in Water at 5h 30m the Capt Stores & Men came along side when Mr Turner was ordered to see the boat Clear In not doing so Mr Smith Floged him the Gig returned from the Shore 2 Men having hoved her he was sent on Shore again after the Capt when 3 others left her. At 6 Mr Smith herd Mr Turner talking on the Poop to the Fanado Mr Smith caled Fanado down and had him seaze up and the Sarang gave him 2 doz. After that Mr S. used him in a most Brutal Manner by Floging him and Kicking him. Spliced the Main Braces at 11 the Capt and Doct came on bord and threatened the Midshipman with 2 doz. to Morrow morning, sent him forward to Mess. This place excells in beauty evry place I have yet seen. It is a fine well built Town and has a fine Market it is situated at the waters Edge at the back is a high hill covered with green pasture at the top of the hill is the Flag Staff and Barracks this place is noted for being healthy and fertile bearing all kinds of Fruit and Vegetables the Harbour is but small and is compleatly surrounded with Land A Stranger to the place & Navigator would have difficulty in getting out on Acct of being so many Islands within a fiew miles of the place and none of them inhabited though very Fertile Sincapore is a Island and its Population is Increasing more than any other Town in India.

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