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This website is based on extensive work carried out by the late W.E. Kidner (1884-1969), by his son Peter (1920-2017), and grandson Simon, all generously supported by countless members of the global, extended Kidner family.

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The name 'Kidner' is derived from a place, Chetenore, on the North Somerset coast of England. It is now called Culbone. This is the 1086 description in Domesday:

"Drogo also holds Chetenore from the Bishop. In the time of King Edward it paid tax for 1 hide and 1 virgate. Land for 2 ploughs. 2 villagers, 1 smallholder and 1 slave with 1 plough. Pasture, 50 acres; woodland, 100 acres. Value 15s; when the Bishop acquired it, 5s. Osmund held it in the time of King Edward [with Wilmersham]."

Peter Kidner
Peter Kidner (1920 - 2017)
Peter Kidner died peacefully on 7th February 2017, aged 96. He took up family history on his retirement in 1981. His initial aim was to make narrative sense of the plethora of research notes compiled by his father, W.E. Kidner, that focused chiefly on the early medieval period.

Working in the pre-internet age, what he achieved was remarkable. He greatly enjoyed the friendships he made with members of the extended Kidner family across the world, and met all enquiries with great enthusiasm.

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